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Brand assets

Speak the Nium language.


The typeface we use for all Nium communications is Basier Square – a clean, confident, and modern font.

For clarity, we use four different weights – Bold, Semibold, Medium, and Regular.



The Nium logotype is simple and modern. Designed with bespoke letterforms and completely in uppercase, it is both confident and authoritative.

The logotype should only appear in either black or white ensuring it stands out from the background.


Logo Icon

In an overcrowded world, our brand is simple, modern, and precise. The ‘N’ icon simplifies our logo even further – representing the simplicity of the ‘Open Money’ platform.

It is designed to feel open, authoritative, and confident Its dynamism expresses the differences in our audiences and the variety of our products. Use it on its own or as part of a logo lock-up.

Logo icon
Logotype, logo icon


Icons can be developed to work with our creative.
They should be a consistent line weight throughout and as clear and informative as possible.

Product screenshots, logos and other media resources.

For any media enquiries, please reach out to