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Are you in tune with your customers’ global payments behaviors? Seize the existing opportunity in your international customers’ behaviors. Meet their needs, build loyalty, and gain wallet share.

Stay relevant in today’s global world

Offer a better cross-border payment solution and let Nium handle the complexity of global compliance, operations, and regulatory requirements. Reap the benefits of customer loyalty, competitive FX rates, and a new source of revenue.

Getting started is fast and easy:

  • Use our web dashboard to upload individual or batch payments; no technical integration required
  • Turn costly cross-border wires into a profitable product offering
  • Speed up transfers and offer real-time and same-day payment capabilities
  • Stay in control of your FX strategy
  • Replace outdated technology and eliminate partnership network fees by upgrading to an innovative platform
  • Provide more transparency to customers with global tracking and advanced reporting capabilities
Payment platform

Fast, Easy,
Low Cost

Plugging into the Open Money Network can reduce the complexity of cross-border payments. Nium makes it easy to offer your customers an overseas money transfer service. Find out how.

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Benefits of NIUM

Customer Experience

Innovation and Speed


Revenue Growth

  • Reduce customer friction
  • Boost the lifetime value of SME customers through value-added services
  • Increase transaction speed and transparency
  • Global transaction traceability and predictability
  • Enhance your competitiveness
  • You set the cost for your customer
  • Get up and running right away
  • One integration gives you access to all of Nium’s technology
  • Expand your technology without expanding operations
  • Choose the capabilities that work for your institution
  • World-class compliance platform with bank-grade Know Your Customer (KYC) screening and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) tools
  • Secure DSI compliant platform
  • Best-in-class security with end-to-end encryption
  • PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing
  • Experienced compliance team continually working with in-country regulators
  • Proprietary transaction monitoring system to auto review payment activity
  • Build a new revenue stream with competitive cards products with built-in FX
  • Create new products for consumers and business customers such as travel, corporate and FX cards
  • Launch faster and reduce program costs
  • Increase your assets by providing an easier way for your business customers to repatriate money back to their home bank account
  • Partner with Nium and share in FX revenue as customers collect international deposits

Our Clients

KBank is among Thailand’s largest banks, with more than 70 years of business operations in Thailand. In 1975, KBank expanded their coverage to foreign countries, now having service networks in nine nations.
Banco Topazio
Brazil's Banco Topázio has been present in the financial market since 2005. It was initially a financial company and became a bank in 2009, offering its customers and partners easier solutions.

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