Optimise your payment platform and sales growth

Create a seamless experience for customers with Nium’s Open Money Network

  • Flexible and scalable alternative to banks
  • Local payment methods, globally
  • Tailor your payment system with Send, Spend or Receive
  • Round-the-clock client service
  • World-class, bank-grade compliance and risk management tools
  • Award-winning cross-border technology

Compliance is covered

Mitigate Risk and Have Greater Peace of Mind


  • Licensed to operate in 38 countries
  • PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing
  • Experienced compliance team continually working with in-country regulators
  • Manage risk and increase payment conversions
  • Best-in-class security with end-to-end encryption
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions

Expand your global reach while keeping payments local

  • Offer multiple payment mechanisms to your users with our global receive capabilities
  • Empower your users throughout the globe by making it easy to send and receive in local currencies
  • A global wallet with multiple currency options for sending and receiving payments
  • Enable faster growth by expanding into new markets

Reduce business and customer friction

  • Remove the middleman from FX rates to build value for your business and your customers
  • Connect with our global network in 34 markets
  • Automate work with our API
  • Provide an uninterrupted payment experience
  • Gain better customer insights

Increase cross-border speed and decrease transaction cost

  • Tap into our local ACH networks to move from multi-leg transactions to point-to-point
  • Shorten payment realisation time and increase liquidity
  • Eliminate wire transfer fees for you and your customers with local receiving accounts
  • Instant FX even beyond G10 currencies

Scale-up as you grow with the right solutions

Send: Open Money Network for cross-border payouts


  • Real-time payments to 23 markets and access to most of the world
  • Design custom payment flows and automate payment tracking
  • Get better pricing with advanced FX capabilities
  • World-class transaction security


Spend: Customised card-issuing solutions powered by Visa


  • Branded, multi-currency cards
  • Pay suppliers within seconds
  • Reduce fraud and make more efficient payments
  • Access to competitive FX rates


Receive: Automated multi-currency global collections


  • Receive money without costly fees
  • Provide a pain-free payments experience for international customers
  • Track your international payment history in real-time
  • Integration with your existing systems

Find out how Nium's Open Money Network can help enable and scale your business.