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Scale faster and smarter with Nium’s banking-as-a-service technology. We did the heavy lifting so you can tap into our global payment rails, licences, and industry expertise to unlock potential.

Build the next great payments solution on the Open Money Network

We’ve spent years laying the groundwork in local markets, setting up compliance infrastructure, and building our platform. Take a shortcut, so your team can focus on your customers and the core offering.

Whatever your international business strategy, we have the technology to help you get there faster.

Access to:

  • World-class transaction security and global compliance team
  • Real-time payments to 65 markets and access to most of the world
  • Customised card-issuing solutions powered by Visa
  • Automated multi-currency global collections
  • Platform integrations in weeks
  • Nium’s robust APIs to get up and running
  • Award-winning cross-border technology

Benefits of NIUM

Innovation and Speed

Client Experience

Built-in Security

BOLT: Our Innovation Lab

  • Get up and running in weeks
  • One integration gives you access to all of Nium’s technology
  • Enable faster growth
  • Expand your network without expanding operations
  • Access to our robust APIs
  • Increase transaction speed and transparency
  • Provide access to innovative products through Nium’s Send, Spend, and Receive capabilities
  • One global wallet to enable powerful business opportunities
  • Empower your users throughout the globe by making it easy to send and receive in their local currency
  • Secure DSI compliant platform
  • Best-in-class security with end-to-end encryption
  • PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing
  • Experienced compliance team continually working with in-country regulators
  • Proprietary transaction monitoring system to auto review payment activity
  • Bank-grade early detection and fraud prevention tools for all transactions

Got an idea for the next big FinTech solution? Need some extra support to take flight?

BOLT is a 26-week collaborative program for entrepreneurs and seed-stage start-ups in the FinTech space.

Plug into the award-winning technology stack of NIUM. Leverage our rolodex of venture capital connections. Brainstorm with an unparalleled network of leaders. Profit from our perspective. Build beautiful products, solutions, and services. No strings attached.

Our Clients

Zen Rooms
Zen Rooms is a leading budget hospitality company founded in 2015. Today, Zen Rooms is now present in 5 core countries, more than 50 cities, and 1,000+ locations.
BeeTech connects financial technology and innovation to transparency for the main currency exchange services in the world.

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