Berlin | March 7-9

Nium at ITB Berlin

In the travel industry, margins are under constant pressure, and profitability is impacted at every turn. Nium travel solutions can help you lessen the pressure of tight margins seen in travel.  

Come chat with us about our extensive portfolio of virtual cards with over 20 funding and issuing currencies and our closed-loop Nium Airline Payments solution. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Real-time, cross-border payments

A single partner approach

Embrace multiple payment methods, currencies, and speeds to create your preferred customer experience. Onepartner for Pay Out, Pay In, and Card Issuance 

On-demand market access

Go from idea to implementation with robust, bank-grade APIs. Our secure, modular API suite allows you to offer new products fast and easily integrate features and geographies as you scale. 

A network of 11 licenses

We offer fast and easy global scale while handling onboarding and KYC requirements. Have your own license? We can support that too.