Crypto Connect

Integrate crypto for real time payouts to fiat.

Embrace the speed of Modern Money Movement. Use Nium’s on & off-ramping solution to enable real time movement of funds to payout in local fiat currencies.

Crypto Connect

Combining Crypto Connect with Nium’s core pay out solution, we can offer disbursements to our global network of 190 countries – with 100+ in real time ! Nium receives the crypto & handles the disbursement on the local network of the beneficiary allowing you to pay users, clients, contractors and contributors with speed & ease.  

Fund disbursements with crypto

Fund local disbursements with crypto or fiat from one platform. Currently available for clients in the US, Singapore, LATAM, and soon in EU, UK and Australia.

Multi-Chain Solutions

As the crypto world grows, so do Nium’s partner list. We currently support Mainnet, Solana, Stellar & Polygon with more networks in the works ! 

API-Driven Development

Nium’s GraphQL API ensures responsive communication & streamlined go to market. Learn more by reading our documentation.