Speed up cross-border collection

Make your business more competitive for international customers with Nium’s global platform.

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Make it simpler for your international customers to pay you

Set up secure virtual accounts to receive money in 7 different currencies:


A quicker, more flexible alternative to your local and in-country banks

Eliminate wire transfer fees

Spend the currencies in your account anywhere in the world with our virtual debit card

Automate and expedite the receipt of global payments

  • Local payments, globally
  • Automated accounts receivable tracking
  • Reduce bookkeeping and reconciliation issues with our innovative payment tracking system
  • Quicker settlements and payouts in major currencies
  • Shorten payment realisation time and increase liquidity
  • Manage risk and increase payment conversions
  • Send and receive all in one platform

Currency flexibility for you and your customers

  • Get better FX rates with the power to choose your preferred currency
  • Allow your customers to pay you in their local currency
  • Remove the middleman from FX rates
  • Control the invoice amount and avoid costly international wire charges for you and your customer

Rich reporting and insights

  • Get real-time visibility into transactions
  • Rich reference data to ensure every payment can be tracked accurately
  • Notifications engine to help you stay on top of your payments
  • Integrated with your invoicing solution for easy clearance

Secure and compliant

  • Compliant and licensed by multiple financial regulators
  • Rich identification data on every transaction
  • Manage user profiles and permissions
  • Receive notifications and scheduled reports

Customise our robust platform to your unique needs

  • Use our award-winning turnkey web-based interface
  • Tailor your payments capabilities to give your customers a pain-free experience
  • Grow your business and develop a new product with our robust API set
  • Integrate with your invoicing solution or your ERP (via an API)
  • Initiate payment requests from your invoicing solution

Find out how Nium's Open Money Network can enable your business.