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Crypto, Nium, and the Future of Finance

By Joaquin Ayuso, Head of Nium Crypto

Crypto has the potential to change the future of finance–it represents an evolution of the financial industry with the power to achieve financial inclusion by giving more people access to the financial system.

At Nium, we see a future where old and new financial technologies combine into what we call Compossible Finance. Compossible Finance is the future for many areas such as asset management and transfer, fungibility of digital value and assets, as well as democracy-empowering tools such as governance models.

The future of crypto is bright and it will enable many people to have access to finance as well as driving higher engagement from your customers towards your products. However, dealing with crypto is cumbersome from a regulatory and compliance point of view; this is the inherent complexity of navigating latest technologies and new paradigms. Partnering with an expert in this field who understands the regulatory and compliance environment is invaluable to your business, especially in an emerging industry.

Bridging Traditional Finance with Crypto using Nium Crypto

Nium is uniquely positioned to bridge both the world of traditional finance and crypto. As an incumbent in traditional financial services, Nium offers pay out, pay in and card issuance capabilities. Nium Crypto is offered along with these services, or as a standalone solution for full customization of your payments.

Partnering with Nium Crypto offers a competitive advantage through lowered entry costs and reduced time to market. Importantly, you will also have the trust and confidence of partnering with a regulated and compliant entity that conservatively approaches the crypto world, while simultaneously providing the non-linear, non-traditional approach of a financial technology company.

To learn more about how you can enable your customers to leverage the power of crypto, contact a Nium expert today.

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