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eCommerce App Launches a Cross-Border Product

Nium provided cross-border payments technology for a leading eCommerce payment platform in India. The payment app has over 20 Million active users per month, and before integrating with Nium, only offered domestic payments. Nium worked with the client’s product team to add cross-border transfers to their existing app. The product took less than three months to launch using our white label consumer interface and flexible API set. As a result, our client added significant new value for their customers and gained a new source of transaction revenues.

How Did the Platform’s Customers Benefit?

Sending money out of India is highly regulated and is more challenging than sending cross-border payments in other countries. As a result of these complexities, there were few options outside of traditional banking channels to send money before this product launched. Now consumers could make payments in seconds from their mobile devices. They also enjoyed faster transfer times, lower costs and more transparency throughout the transfer process.

Why Nium?

Our eCommerce clients choose Nium to power their global payments infrastructure for good reasons: We are experts in India and Asia. With five offices in Asia, including headquarters in Singapore, we sit at the heart of this fast growing and highly complex region. As a result of our local presence, we have developed trusted and collaborative relationships with regulators, businesses and consumers in these markets. For over five years, Nium has been the leader in creating solutions for Sending, Spending and Receiving money in markets like China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, among others. We offer a complete solution with flexible revenue models. We work with eCommerce companies to implement innovative solutions that bridge the gaps in today’s fragmented global financial infrastructure. Our platform is a single access point that brings together real-time cross-border payments, inbound payments, FX management and Visa card-issuance. We make it easy to integrate. Companies can access Nium’s payment technology at scale with a flexible set of APIs. Options include integrating with your existing stack, creating a new product from scratch or using our turnkey cloud-based interface.


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