Pay a global workforce.

Pay your employees, contractors and gig workers all over the world—in a way that scales effortlessly wherever your team works.

A new way to pay for a new way of working.

In the office or remote, at home or abroad, domestically or internationally—pay people in a way that works for you and for them. Pay to accounts, cards or wallets, while avoiding delays, fees and drops.

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Access the countries you need.

Today’s workforce spans both the office and home. Pay Out to bank accounts, cards, wallets and cash in 190+ countries.

Cards mean flexibility.

Create the cards you and your people need. Build in features for digital onboarding, loyalty options and security.

Compliance with confidence.

Tap into our localized knowledge to onboard payees and navigate region-specific requirements via our global network.

The Future of Payments in the Gig Economy

A guide to paying gig workers anywhere, anytime.

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Payment solutions for a global workforce.

The work world has changed and so have payment strategies. Accommodate all your people with payments that span work styles and geographies.

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Expand your payroll services.

Improve the scope and efficiency of your payroll services, reach more countries and offer more payment options. Learn how cards simplify payments.

Scale your enterprise payroll.

Reduce complexity and costs with hybrid work models and location changes. Read our blog post: Why the Current Payments System Is Broken to learn more.

Optimize contractor payments.

Keep gig workers, freelancers, creators and part-time staff satisfied with payment methodologies that provide choice. Ready to optimize your payments?

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The most powerful APIs for global money movement.

Go from idea to implementation quickly with robust, bank-grade APIs. Our documentation, sample data and code snippets provide developers with powerful tools to launch your next innovation.

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Build a global solution using modular, cloud-based APIs. Easily integrate features and geographies as you scale.


Read our documentation, explore APIs in our sandbox and begin to prototype as you build a solution.

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