Pay global business customers.

Settle payments, distribute earnings and issue rewards to your global customers—including financial services customers, marketplace merchants and social platform creators.

Global reach for a global customer base.

Reach more people faster, across 190+ countries, while taking full advantage of our worldwide licenses and compliance expertise.

Take your business global.

As you expand your reach into new countries, our licenses and network give you more access with less lift.

Flexible payment options.

Pay Out to local wallets, accounts or your configured and branded cards.

Reduce operational costs.

Grow your business faster with our API suite and code libraries that maximize developer time.

A Vision for a Future of Frictionless Commerce

A guide to simple, seamless and scalable global payments and card issuance.

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Modern payment solutions that connect the world.

Business relationships are changing, and customers are demanding more. Nium solutions enable modern ways of paying customers that drive loyalty and return business.

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More financial offerings.

Offer local, global, fast and flexible payment options. Read the customer success story: Vitesse Scales Globally and Cuts Costs Using One Integration.

Build marketplace loyalty.

Send payouts and more through bank transfers, e-wallets or customer cards. Get your Three Tips To Scale B2B Marketplaces Globally.

Attract technology platform customers.

Help creators, freelancers and gig workers monetize services with modern payments. Find out why Real-Time Payments Are Critical in the Gig Economy.

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The most powerful APIs for global money movement.

Go from idea to implementation quickly with robust, bank-grade APIs. Our documentation, sample data and code snippets provide developers with powerful tools to launch your next innovation.

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Build a global solution using modular, cloud-based APIs. Easily integrate features and geographies as you scale.


Read our documentation, explore APIs in our sandbox and begin to prototype as you build a solution.

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