Pay global suppliers.

Issue, track and manage payments across your global supplier network with maximum flexibility and control from a single platform.

Changing the game with cards and automation.

As technology revolutionizes supplier payments, virtual cards and API-based solutions allow for automated processes and maximum control. Embrace both through the Nium platform.

Embrace virtual credit cards.

Instant, automatic payments with all the protections of a credit card—including chargeback and fraud protection.

Reconciliation, reinvented.

Control card spend at the transaction, project or vendor level—with automatic downloads into any ERP or CRM system.

Your world on our rails.

In a single integration, pay invoices via multiple methods across all 190+ countries we support—in as fast as real time.

Adopt Virtual Cards to Transform Your Payment Strategy

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Supplier payment solutions in 190+ countries.

Unlock the power of automated invoicing solutions in 190+ countries worldwide, while avoiding the complexities of local banking systems and regulations.


Fuel travel and logistics.

Whether moving cargo or people, now you can automate payments at scale. Learn why Virtual Cards Are the Future of Travel Payments.

Enable the enterprise.

Enable employee freedom with robust spend management tools. Learn to Enhance Expense Management With Corporate Cards.

Digitize B2B payments.

Automate payments across the entire supply chain. Read our blog post: Payment Evolutions That May Unlock the Next Generation of Global B2B Payments.

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The most powerful APIs for global money movement.

Go from idea to implementation quickly with robust, bank-grade APIs. Our documentation, sample data and code snippets provide developers with powerful tools to launch your next innovation.

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Build a global solution using modular, cloud-based APIs. Easily integrate features and geographies as you scale.


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