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Nium's card issuing capabilities expand the global network and simplify the payment process.

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Nium's global card issuing solution allows for real-time spend management

  • Use your platform as a third-party issuer
  • Design custom cards branded for your business
  • Simplify the payroll, payouts or disbursements process
  • Use for employee cards or Travel & Expenses and per diem
  • Expand your network and develop new e-commerce opportunities
  • Plastic and virtual cards available in multi-currency, multi-wallet and mobile payment options

Security and transparency

  • Built on Visa’s trusted and reliable network
  • PCI-DSS Compliant provider
  • Licensed by multiple financial regulators
  • Ability to lock or unlock cards
  • Chip & Pin protected transactions
  • Built-in, automated compliance for worry-free transactions

Flexible, easy and cost-efficient

  • Smooth and seamless digitised onboarding process
  • Cards issued to partners in just four weeks
  • Create a global card platform using Nium’s solution
  • The contract term can start with just a year vs a typical three-year contract
  • Simplify the payroll process for your company and your employees
  • Give your employees and vendors the payment flexibility and speed they desire

Simplified management and tracking

  • Real-time transaction tracking
  • Easier expense reporting
  • Real-time and automated spending control by merchant categories
  • Simplified payroll management

Access to added perks

  • Loyalty and travel insurance programs
  • ATM Locator services
  • Cross-border remittance at low-cost
  • Access to our zero-margin FX rates

Send, Spend and Receive

  • Access to Nium’s powerful send and receive capabilities
  • Create an integrated solution for your unique needs
  • Send and receive cross-border payments directly with the same account
  • Bring your suppliers, business partners and clients together in a single platform

End-to-end integration

  • Simple platform integration with your existing systems
  • Control the entire process from creating, distributing and managing your cards
  • Get access to advanced location-based CRM
  • Grow your business and develop a new product with our robust API set

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