The global payments and card issuing leader for the on-demand economy.

Nium (pronounced nee-yum)  is the payments infrastructure for the on-demand economy. Our global platform, extensive network, and powerful APIs work together to accelerate your business growth – locally and globally. 

We connect your business to the world.

Our mission is to power the on-demand economy, moving money to anyone, anywhere. Whether through our technology, partnerships, or licenses, our comprehensive payments infrastructure enables money to move seamlessly across borders, fast. 

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190+Pay Out markets

35Pay In markets

30Issue Cards markets

100+Real time markets

Fast, far-reaching and forward-thinking payment solutions.


Increase your global reach and capabilities to 190+ countries, backed by a network of relationships.


Our easy-to-integrate, fast-to-implement financial solutions are based on single-API simplicity by design.


Bold. Restless. Alpha builders. By nature, we’re driven to bring you our best thinking and solutions.

Modern money movement paper in the 21st Century

With cross-border payments estimated to be worth $156 trillion in 2022, we’re here to help you turn ‘global by default’ and turn new opportunities into business wins.

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Our customers

“With Nium, I saw the ability for us to scale quickly, not only locally but in new markets, and at a commercially feasible cost.”

—Pelikin | Sam Brown, Founder and CEO

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Where fintech meets funtech.

We’re creating a bold new landscape in business, and having a great time doing it. We take on the biggest challenges, and happy customers and employees are our primary measures of success.

We love what we do, and how we do it. Life at Nium is fun, friendly and fulfilling. A place where we support and celebrate, inspire and entertain, challenge and cheer each other on.


Join the on-demand money movement.