Build, Test and Launch Payment Applications Faster

Accelerate application development and deployment through a single dashboard, alongside low code / no code experiences and self-service tools.

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Nium Portal Interactive Demo

Check out the interactive demo and see how Nium helps streamline cross-border payments.

Optimized Payment Execution

Optimized Payment Execution

Optimize payment routes for speed and cost-efficiency with real-time AI-analysis via Nium Chronometer. Unlock precise predictions of payment delivery times, ensuring SLA compliance and targeted customer service.

  • Predict payments and schedules

    Choose the most efficient payment paths based on AI-insights, reducing delays and costs for customers and finance teams.

  • Manage high payment volumes with full control

    Gain real-time insights into payment status, with proactive notifications if timelines deviate for end-to-end transparency and control.

  • Service customers at scale

    Batch payouts to process multiple transactions simultaneously, improving operational efficiency and reducing manual workflows for a consistent payment experience.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Comprehensive Financial Management

Plan smarter with a panoramic view of your financial landscape, from global balances to detailed transaction reports, empowering you with the tools needed to manage large scale financial operations.

  • Solve problems proactively

    Stay ahead of risks with interactive visualizations of your business performance, including real-time reports and critical issue flagging.

  • Manage finances in real-time

    Work with full visibility into payment activities, including available currencies, balances, and bank details for sending funds, transaction and recipient-level details.

Seamless Integration and Customizable Controls

Seamless Integration and Customizable Controls

Empower developers and administrators with advanced tools to configure, manage, and secure your payment systems across your network and technology stack.

  • Tailor your own functionality

    Configure and customize more than 50 webhook events. From transaction events, internal system notifications, card activity events, and compliance events, all testable within our sandbox environment.

  • Manage permissions and access

    Implement granular access controls with customizable roles for team members for secure and appropriate access to financial systems.

  • Take control of your development timelines

    Developers can test the callback URLs directly and customize preferences such as refresh settings – all with just a few clicks.

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