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In the office or remote, at home or abroad, domestically, or internationally—pay people in a way that works for you and for them.


Meeting the Demands of a Changing Workforce

Nium simplifies international growth for global payroll services by removing the regulatory complexities and reducing settlement times so that talent around the world is paid quickly, seamlessly, and in the way that works for them.

Meeting the Demands of a Changing Workforce
Payroll management features
Nium Payroll management solution features Nium Payroll management solution features Nium Payroll management solution features

Modernized Payroll Solutions.

  • Manage multiple payroll models

    Support for all global payroll disbursement models, including Employer of Record (EOR), corporate payroll, and contract employees

  • Fund payroll accounts, flexibly

    Fund your payroll through individual bank transfers, or enable direct debit for a simple, recurring solution.

  • Lower payroll costs

    Keep payroll costs under control with zero deduction transfers, transparent foreign exchange rates, and local currency payouts

The Way Businesses
Pay Anyone, Anywhere

Satisfy Demand for New, Innovative Paychecks

Pay your with a range of methods, including bank transfer, e-wallets, and card funding.

Payment Predictability

With 100+ payout markets in real-time, and with robust status and confirmation tracking, and zero-deduction payments, employees can count on predictable, on-time payments.

No Customer is Out of Reach

Facilitate B2B, B2C payroll models with ease, ensuring employees and contractors can be paid without worry.

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The Leader in Real-Time Global Payments

Speak to our experts on how Nium can help solve your most difficult payment challenges.

With our suite of powerful and flexible APIs, implementation and integration is easy. From getting started through launching in your first market, we have powerful tools and documentation at your fingertips.


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Nium Announces 2022 Net Revenue Grew 2.7x YoY to US$82M

The company’s 2022 annual audit shows impressive growth with a focus on regional expansion, becoming first fintech startup from Singapore to have over 20 offices globally.

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Recently, Nium hosted a webinar shedding light on its comprehensive offerings and how the teams address the questions and concerns of prospects from financial institutions, global payroll platforms, spend management platforms, marketplaces, and the travel industry.

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Forbes names Nium to the 2023 Forbes Fintech 50

Nium’s exponential success continues with 2.5X revenue growth from 2021 to 2022; with plans to double in 2023

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