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The element that makes fintech go.

The world’s payment infrastructure in one API.

The element

Pay Out

Pay In

Issue Cards

Banking as
a Service

One platform unlocks:
Cross-Border Payments,
Local Accounts and
Card Issuance.

Nium is a catalyst to quickly deploy new financial services for businesses of every size. Gain instant access to a global network of pay out, pay in and card-issuing capabilities.

  • Integrations in as little as four weeks
  • Licensed in 40 markets around the world
  • Modular, composable APIs that light up cards, banks and wallets

Payments to over 190 countries, with banks and cards.

Nium provides cross-border payments all over the world, supporting real-time payments in 65 countries. Born as a global company, we bring our network, banks and compliance expertise to help serve your cross-border needs.

  • Upgrade your network for cost savings and improved delivery times
  • Payments to bank accounts, e-wallets, cards and cash
  • Supporting payments to vendors, employees, freelancers and more
  • Real-time payments in under 15 minutes

Expand your presence and manage your FX, with local accounts around the world.

Nium’s virtual accounts give you the ability to accept funds locally in the most popular currencies from anywhere in the world. Let your customers pay you locally while you save on FX fees.

  • Virtual local accounts across Asia, the Americas and Europe
  • Customers pay through domestic bank networks – become a “local”
  • Ability to manage multi-currency balances – manage your FX on your terms
  • Deposit balances or send to others through Nium’s Banking as a Service platform

Issue cards across the biggest markets around the world.

The world has shifted to card networks to help manage global funds disbursement for expenses, payments, loyalty rewards and more. Nium can be the rare partner that can build your card network all over the world.

  • Issue your branded cards across Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Manage payroll, travel expenses, freelancer payments and more
  • Give your customers, vendors and followers cards they can use globally
  • Access to Mastercard and Visa networks

Build the solution you need with Nium's Banking as a Service platform.

Nium’s composable API suite allows you to join all our payment and card services to create the service that fits your needs best. Collect money globally and disburse it in the way that best suits your needs, all through one API.

  • Collect locally and disburse funds across the world
  • Perfect for businesses working with global customers and vendors
  • Ability to send stored values to banks, cards or cash

Embedded financial services to transform your business.

Unlock new revenue

Bring new services to your customers, monetize your cash flow, build your own global payment network.

Improve cash flow

Move money around the world to your vendors, customers and employees on the world’s leading global network.

Build your innovation with Nium's APIs.

Explore our turn-key purpose-built API suite. Built for simplicity and scalability, you can integrate Nium in as little as 4 weeks.


Build your global solution using our modular, cloud-based API suite. Integrate new features and geographies with ease as you scale.


RESTful methodology, HTTPS authentication & verbs, and JSON across our API suite ensures a simple integration and reliable platform.


Read through documentation, explore our APIs in our sandbox environment and begin to prototype & build your solution.

Nium's global network. Easy access to the world.

We’ve done the groundwork in local markets to build a comprehensive network of licenses, partners and banking relationships to move money across the world.


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Nium: the element that enabled a streaming music service to streamline payments.


Nium: the element that gave a shipping company the power of global payroll.

Our customers

BeeTech connects financial technology and innovation to transparency for the main currency exchange services in the world.
Based in Brazil, Frente is an Exchange Broker that combines the experience of financial market professional with the innovative digital and contemporary vision that data technology has brought to fintech.
Ebury, one of Europe’s largest fintech firms, offers foreign exchange services and trade finance to small and medium sized businesses designed to make it easier for business to trade internationally.
Founded in 2019, Volopay is a Singapore based startup building a financial control centre for modern businesses. Volopay solves high FX fees and corporate expense management for SMBs by offering its full stack and easy to use integrated platform.
Singtel Dash – the all-in-one mobile wallet for your payment and lifestyle needs. Whether in-store or online, locally or overseas, make secured and easy payments with Dash, and earn Dash reward points as you shop, dine, commute and remit all with the Dash app.
One of Indonesia’s oldest and largest banks, Bank Bri is leading the way in digitalizing the cross-border payment experience for its retail and corporate customers across various real-time corridors.
HomeSend is a leading player in the revolution to transform the way funds flow cross-border. HomeSend is a joint venture of Mastercard and Wameja, that specializes in cross-border payments.
Founded in 1976, Travelex has grown to become the world’s leading specialist provider of foreign exchange. Travelex operates across the entire value chain of the retail foreign exchange industry in over 20 countries.
Deel is a global compliance and payroll solution that helps businesses hire anyone anywhere. Deel’s platform allows global companies to pay international contractors and employees in more than 120 currencies with just a few clicks.
Rimuut is a EU based Virtual Company service provider that transforms freelancers into virtual companies by equipping them with commercial and managerial tools to handle invoicing, settlements and payments.
Mexico’s Accendo Banco started out 20 years ago and has firmly established itself in a growing market with its transformative banking practices competing with the biggest banks in Mexico by actively partnering with Fintechs on creating White-Label Banking solutions.
BSM is a leading integrated maritime solutions provider with a fleet of over 600 vessels. Alongside comprehensive ship management services, BSM offers a suite of complementary maritime solutions customized to meet individual customer requirements.