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Tap into our global financial infrastructure to offer financial services, enter new markets, expand across the globe, generate new revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction.




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A Payment Experience Built for the Future

The global landscape is constantly shifting: position your institution as a cutting-edge, leading solutions provider. Grow revenue, reduce costs, and enhance profitability by scaling smarter, expanding corridors, and augmenting existing offerings.

  • Flexible tech-stack for multiple use cases
  • Bank-grade security features
  • Real-time and same-day payments
  • Advanced and flexible FX capabilities
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A Cost-Effective Cross-Border Solution

Minimize the cost of cross-border payments and grow your business without adding complexity. Tap into international payment efficiencies and cost-savings, while expanding into emerging markets with ease.

  • Eliminate hidden costs
  • Control FX timing and rates
  • Flexible local currency and payment solutions
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Scale-up Globally While Scaling Down Complexity and Cost

Take more profit from global transactions, expand your global network, and reduce operational friction with a tailored solution. Offer customers and global suppliers flexible payment and collection options in their local currencies and preferred methods such as card, bank, or wire transfer to ensure a higher rate of cart conversion. 

  • Profit from cross-border transactions
  • Control FX timing, rates, and cost
  • Flexible local currency and payment methods

Invent Beyond Borders. 
Power Your Business with Nium.

We did the heavy lifting with our licenses, global payment rails, industry know-how, and international potential. We spent years laying the groundwork so your team can focus on your customers and core offering.

  • Integrations in as little as four weeks
  • Access to our robust API set
  • Customised solutions

Enable Your Global Business for The Digital Future

Scale business globally while simplifying operations. Expand your revenue and increase your margins with easy to use cross-border capabilities that can be combined into one tailored solution to power your business.

  • Provide local payment options with global collections
  • Streamline global operations with digital cards
  • Access to 90 countries to send globally
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Choose the Solution
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API screen

Looking to integrate with your existing systems? Use our API set and start customising our capabilities for your business.


Web Access

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No developer, no problem.

Nium’s out-of-the-box solutions make it easy to get started today.


The Open Money Account is at the core of our send, spend, and receive capabilities, a multi-currency wallet that gives you access to a seamless global business. Your business, our global financial infrastructure.


Payment rails that power global innovation

Want to tap into payment rails that enable fast, transparent, and efficient payments to more places around the globe? We have you covered with a platform that reaches 90 countries, of which 65 are real-time.


Card issuing capabilities that span the globe

Need a card issuance solution for your customers? Want to pay your global workforce in real-time via debit card, improve expense management, or spend against receivables? Make it happen with Nium’s global card issuing capabilities.


Speedy cross-border collection and low-cost repatriation

Are you looking for ways to get paid by international customers and buyers faster? Wondering how to receive payments in multiple currencies, get better FX rates, and improve cash flow through automated AR tracking? Get your money quicker, with lower cost, and grow your bottom line.

Nium’s Open Money Network powers global innovation

We’ve done the groundwork in local markets to build a comprehensive network of licenses, partners, and banking relationships to move money across the earth. 

Seamlessly connect to the world.

90 +

“Nium worked with one of the world’s largest consumer payment apps to add cross-border transfers to their existing product. The new features took less than three months to launch using our white label consumer interface and flexible API set.”



“Nium’s platform enabled cross-border payments for a global bank. By tapping Nium to offer real-time capabilities, they provided a more competitive solution compared to traditional banks and protected themselves against tech-forward challengers.”

Financial Services

Our Clients

KBank is among Thailand’s largest banks, with more than 70 years of business operations in Thailand. In 1975, KBank expanded their coverage to foreign countries, now having service networks in nine nations.
Banco Topazio
Brazil's Banco Topázio has been present in the financial market since 2005. It was initially a financial company and became a bank in 2009, offering its customers and partners easier solutions.
BeeTech connects financial technology and innovation to transparency for the main currency exchange services in the world.
Zen Rooms
Zen Rooms is a leading budget hospitality company founded in 2015. Today, Zen Rooms is now present in 5 core countries, more than 50 cities, and 1,000+ locations.
Mashreq has provided banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967. They are one of UAE's leading financial institutions with a growing retail presence in the region including Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.
Mashreq has provided banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967. They are one of UAE's leading financial institutions with a growing retail presence in the region including Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.
Based in Brazil, Frente is an Exchange Broker that combines the experience of financial market professional with the innovative digital and contemporary vision that data technology has brought to Fintech.
Rayo is the first neobank of its kind. A full digital banking experience for immigrants in the U.S. with a checking account, savings account, credit cards, and personal loans.