Scalable, Global FX Management, With No Hidden Fees

Simplify global payments, trading 125+ currencies with full transparency and control through a single platform.

Foreign Exchange Hero Nium

Lock and Hold Rates on Your Terms

  • Optimize FX risk across markets

    Lock and hold rates for up-to 24 hours for more than 60 supported currencies, including several emerging market currencies.

  • Convert at a single rate for bulk payments

    Mitigate currency risk on individual payments and avoid returns duplication with a single conversion rate for planned bulk payments.

  • Control cash flow with flexible settlement schedules

    Settle immediately or at a future date based on your business needs to manage just-in-time schedules.

End-to-end Payment Transparency

End-to-End Payment Transparency

  • Plan smarter with real-time visibility

    Compare historical and real time rates from other providers, right in the API.

  • Avoid hidden fees

    Deliver funds to 220 markets in full with no hidden fees or deductions, saving on average 250bps vs traditional banks and up to 150bps vs traditional MTOs.

  • Manage FX margins at scale

    Track historical interbank exchange rates and evaluate your other vendors’ FX markup over the interbank rate.

Global Coverage, On Demand

Global Coverage, On Demand

  • Leverage 2000+ currency pairs

    Convert funds across thousands of currency pairs through a single platform.

  • Trade directly and efficiently

    Trade 125+ currencies in real-time anytime, with no need for banking intermediaries.

  • Operate 24/7/365

    Execute FX conversions 24x7 even on weekends and holidays to keep your business moving.

Use our calculator to see the markup charged by your money movement provider.

Choose your currency pair

Select a currency pair to convert

Enter amount

Enter the amount you want to compare

Enter your vendor rate

Enter the rate you are being charged by your current vendor

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Calculate your markup


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The Global Infrastructure for Real-Time Payments

Nium moves money, manages foreign exchange and mitigates fraud risk so your business can send and receive funds in real time.

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