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Send real-time, borderless payments on-demand with built-in compliance and transparent processing.

Global Payout
Seamless Global Payouts Across 220+ Markets

Seamless Global Payouts Across 220+ Markets

Expand your reach with Nium’s extensive payment network. Connect with emerging and established markets with local rails, low fees and instant execution, including full FX support.

  • Connect directly with key markets

    Access a wide range of global markets through a single platform, sending payments through local rails and currencies.

  • Streamline global compliance

    De-risk your growth with access to money transmitter licenses across multiple jurisdictions for a compliant and secure payout process.

  • Scale payouts with full control

    Track payments in real-time across borders with proactive risk notifications, transparent settlement and reconciliation.

Flexible Payout Methods <br class='md:block hidden'>for Agile Growth

Flexible Payout Methods for Agile Growth

Adapt to the needs of your global recipients with versatile payout methods and time-scales to move at the pace of modern business.

  • Engage and retain customers worldwide

    Create a tailored payout experience for the unique needs of your customers, with full control over scheduling, payout method and currency.

  • Manage FX at Scale

    Maximize FX efficiency with built-in foreign exchange capabilities and competitive rates to balance speed and cost.

  • Adapt to changing payout needs

    Expand into rapidly digitizing emerging markets with the latest payout methods, from direct bank deposits and card transfers to mobile wallets and digital cards.

One Platform, Worldwide Potential

One Platform, Worldwide Potential

Enhance your applications with Nium’s powerful API integration, enabling seamless global payouts from your own platforms without the need to switch systems or manage multiple integration points.

  • Build your payment hub

    Access a world of payout opportunities via a single API to send payments anywhere via your existing core infrastructure, eliminating reliance on multiple partnerships.

  • Simplify your user experience

    Pre-fill onboarding information via Nium’s platform, enabling single-service onboarding for customers, wherever they grow.

  • Streamlined payment reporting

    Track and report on payouts at scale with centralized visibility and automated reconciliation to cut through complexity.

Efficient Payout Automation

Efficient Payout Automation

Eliminate manual tasks and reallocate resources with end-to-end automation and granular controls.

  • Customize payout management

    Automate your payout timing and conditions based on your business rules, ensuring timely disbursements without manual intervention.

  • Optimize your interbank routing

    Machine learning analyzes transaction histories to select the most effective, cost-efficient routes and fees.

  • Catch expections in advance

    Reduce the risk of payment errors and delays with our advanced monitoring and verification processes, boosting operational efficiency and reliability.

  • Streamline account verification with confirmation of payee

    Reduce return rates and improve customer trust by confirming the accuracy of payee details before processing payments with integrated payee confirmation, ensuring each transaction is directed to a verified account.


The Global Infrastructure for Real-Time Payments

Nium moves money, manages foreign exchange and mitigates fraud risk so your business can send and receive funds in real time.

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