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Your clients can’t manage spend ifthey don’t control payments

How effective is your spend management platform if your savings are eaten by the cost of legacy payment processing and reconciliation? Nium helps platforms serving finance teams to automate the full lifecycle of supplier and employee expenses globally and minimize the friction of cross-border payments.

From travel and expenses to paying invoices and subscriptions, Nium supports every use case to elevate your reimbursement capabilities.

Nium Spend Management - Fintech API Solutions
Nium - Bypass intermediary banks and save

Bypass intermediary banks and save

  • Avoid intermediary bank fees

    Save money on supplier payments and employee reimbursements when you bypass fees charged by intermediary banks through Nium's network.

  • Instantly open global wallet accounts

    Nium global accounts enable platforms to let your customers store funds in every region they operate – eliminating optimizing time and costs associated with payments.

  • Money management at your fingertips

    Fund local currency in 30 countries, easily navigate compliance complexity, and payout to 220+ markets - 100 support real-time payments.

  • Detailed, intelligent route optimization

    Nium's Payment Chronometer uses machine learning and updated transaction data to optimize payment routes for speed and cost.

FX transparency makes a dependable partner

  • Skip the opaque rates and surprise hidden fees

    Nium quotes the real-time interbank rate. Guaranteed cost predictability with the most transparent FX rates around

  • Take advantage of currency fluctuations

    Lock and hold rates for up to 24 hours and choose between converting funds in real-time using pre-funded balances or converting on a future scheduled date.

  • More coverage and currency pairs

    Pay to 100+ currencies optimized through over 2,000 currency pairs including exotic ones

Nium - Take control of the spend management lifecycle

Take control of the spend management lifecycle

  • Automate manual, low-level work

    Relieve finance and accounting teams from invoice management, payouts and reconciliation

  • Mission-critical visibility

    Get real-time payment and settlement data for expenses and more control over cash flow anywhere you operate.

  • Control and streamline purchasing

    Nium’s card capabilities enable customers on your platform to fully digitize their supplier payments and employee expense reimbursements.

Nium - Onboard your clients and their payees with confidence

Onboard your clients and their payees with confidence

  • Get clients and their payees live in minutes

    Create virtual accounts and collect documentation so clients can start remitting on your platform

  • Integrated eKYB/eKYC and other identity checks

    Prescreen for compliance, fraud, and accurate payment data to reduce risk and exposure

  • Custom-fit card issuance

    Create a virtual and physical card program connected to your expense policies and to your specifications

Nium - Never miss funding reimbursements

Never miss funding reimbursements

  • Automate funding via bank transfers or direct debit

    Easily and quickly fund or top-up a multi-currency wallet to support the spend cycle at predefined thresholds

  • Seamless currency conversion

    Nium multi-currency wallet can accept funds in multiple currencies and disburse payments to local currencies

  • Reliable vendor payouts

    Reimbursements land in suppliers and providers verified bank, wallet, or card accounts in their currency

*Available in the US, UK, and EU and more markets upcoming Contact us to get started


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m looking for a payments partner, but I’m not sure if I’m an “online platform.” Can you tell me more about this term?

    Many terms are being used to describe a wide range of businesses. We are using “online platforms” because it is generally accepted as a broad segment of businesses that operate digitally to connect customers. Examples include (but are not limited to):  

    • Spend management platforms (sometimes also referred to as expense management platforms)  
    • Supplier payment platforms (sometimes referred to as account payable/receivable platforms)  
    • Payroll platforms (either as part of a human resources (HR) service, human capital management (HCM) service), or a stand-alone payroll platform)  
    • Marketplaces 
    • Talent platforms (includes freelancer payments, gig worker payments, contractor payments, creator payments, influencer payments, and more).  
  • Do I need a money transmitter license to work with Nium?

    No! Depending on your needs and industry, Nium can help both licensed and unlicensed companies enable crossborder payments worldwide. To learn more about how Nium can support your business, please contact us. 

  • Can you make payments to emerging markets such as India?

    Yes! Using our API, you can pay out to markets all around the world. Explore our network for more details.  

  • Can I share in the revenue for payments?

    Yes! We have many customers that choose to partner with Nium for this exact reason. We can design a program that helps you meet your own business needs and those of your customers.

  • Where do you offer real-time payments?

    Nium offers real-time payments to 100+ markets across the globe. This includes markets such as the United Kingdom and Mexico, as well as emerging markets such as Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and more.  For a full list, please see our network page.  

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The Global Infrastructure For Real-Time Payments

Nium moves money, manages foreign exchange, and mitigates fraud so your business can send and receive funds in real-time.

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