Help us Build the Future of Open Money


Joining Nium has been a game-changing decision in my career. I enjoy working with a close-knit global team and have been mentored by world-class experts. Together, we all get to jointly steer this high-speed Fintech revolution to the next level. I like the accountability, and the need to deliver at a fast pace at Nium. Flawless execution underlies all of our success, as it has enabled us to build exciting new products and take them to newer markets.

You get to do all of this while you’re scouting for best-in-class talent and scaling your team!

Gita Češkevičienė

Compliance Head – Lithuania


We are laser focused on figuring out how we can help individuals, corporates, small business entities in solving their global payments problems and letting them concentrate on business.

The best part of my experience has been that it has completely tapped into my core interest areas of microservice architecture to help break the current monolith to microservice. I get to utilize my AWS expertise in dynamic ways.

I get to work with a vibrant team which is implementing innovative solutions which have the potential to shape the future of the payment business.

Sovit Jain

Senior Engineering Manager


The Nium experience has been especially fulfilling for me. On the back of my execution-oriented role, I’ve also had the chance to work on Business Operations and Implementation. Almost every activity undertaken at Nium, each day, requires clarity of thought and application of business logic to help solve problems and create new solutions. The challenges I get to work on at Nium helps me bring in the full spectrum of my expertise across multiple verticals to create a winning user experience for our clients. I’m motivated by knowing that I’m involved in actively shaping the institutional business, growing Nium, and helping to contribute to the evolution and democratization of payments.

Abhay Salitri

VP & Client Implementation Head

Culture Code

We are a fearless bunch of innovators.

Together we dare to imagine a bold new tomorrow. We thrive in complexity and enjoy cutting through chaos. Our customer is our only success. We at Nium foster an environment to keep it crazy with a pinch of cool. We amplify our culture code by recognizing our talent, creating a transparent work environment, and fostering mutual trust.


Work together. Win together.

As a company, we believe victories are won by both sides. For us working together with colleagues, clients, and competition is a way of life. Together, we are smarter, sharper and better. Collective wisdom fuels all our actions. We create an environment that enables us to express our uniqueness and diversity.


We are change agents.

Dreaming it is our first step to doing it. Curiosity and playfulness run through our DNA. Problems are only puzzles to solve. We believe in the power of vision and our ability to make our vision a reality. We aim to disrupt and transform the global financial landscape. We challenge the status quo – our mindset is always tuned to question, iterate and build a better product. We are boundaryless ideators.

Customer Obsession

Driven to deliver world-class customer experience.

We don’t call it a win until our customer derives value from it. We started our journey with the global customer in mind and have scaled our product portfolio as we kept getting closer to the customer. Our unwavering focus on making the customer win provides us with an edge to outperform. At Nium, we believe our customers are our most valuable brand ambassadors.


My word, My Promise. No surprises. No compromises.

We deliver on our promise, every time. We pride ourselves on making things happen and delivering on our promise, predictably. We take absolute ownership of our decisions, our successes and our failures. In the regulated global financial landscape, we have adapted to how each geography and culture operates. We showcase agility in the face of changing scenarios and evolve during challenging times. Our customers know us as partners who take ownership of the outcome. We stay true, walk the talk, and act like owners.


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Our Hiring Process

The Application


Before the hiring process begins, our job description speaks for us. Every role includes a bespoke job description, so that you can truly grasp the career-making opportunity Nium is offering. As you apply, your resume speaks for you. Make sure you send us a resume that truly represents you as a professional and as a person. If you are new to the FinTech world, a cover letter goes a long way in conveying why working with Nium is the right fit.

The Interview


The only thing that we are prouder of than our best in class payment stack is our best in class talent stack. Our interview process will give you a taste of what it takes to become a top contributor at Nium. We start by checking to ensure your principles align with our culture code and values. Our technical rounds will test your functional mettle at a fundamental level, no matter your seniority. A great partnership isn’t one-sided. As much as we want to get to know you, we also want you to get to know us. The interview process also gives you a chance to meet our team.

Selection Experience


At Nium, the experience goes beyond compensation and benefits. We offer candidates an opportunity to create the world of Open Money. At Nium, jobs are designed to give you ownership, autonomy, and freedom to experiment. You will get to work with a diverse set of peers who can’t help but complement your skillset as you follow the Culture Code of Nium.


Our comprehensive list of benefits varies based on location.
Some benefits you’ll find across our global offices include company events, training initiatives, and paid holidays.