Crypto Invest

Create limitless crypto based products.

From investing, buying or selling to creating specialized customer, crypto-based rewards programs. Crypto Invest API provides you with options to offer crypto based products to your customers.

Deliver the best customer experiences.

Explore the endless possibilities of our API to build the perfect crypto experience for your business and customers.

Consumer crypto invest.

Let your customers buy, hold and sell the trendiest crypto currencies via your app or website. You design your customer experience and embed it in your solution.

Reward customers with crypto.

With our API, you can build your own rewards programs. Enable rewards for your customers and they build a balance backed by crypto.

Credit Card Illustration
Customers accumulate rewards with the card.

Provide customers with crypto rewards incentives. Issue cards through our platform and your customers will earn crypto-based rewards for every card transaction.

Hold assets in crypto balance.

Use our Crypto Invest API to hold reserves in crypto, including stable coins.

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Global Crypto Invest.

Leverage our global network of licenses to create a seamless experience for your customers.


Crypto currencies


Countries (rollout in '22 and '23)


FIAT currencies

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