OCTOBER 22-25. BOOTH # 4220.
Las Vegas, NV

Let's meet

Join Nium at Money20/20 in Las Vegas. Meet our experts and network with innovators in payments, banking, fintech, and financial services at the world’s biggest gathering of the global money ecosystem.

Come ask our experts about:

Taking advantage of our 100+ Real-Time markets to increase customer satisfaction

Sending zero-deduction, USD wires to clients around the globe

Managing FX better by collecting and holding funds in a Nium multi-currency wallet

Issuing physical or virtual cards to streamline vendor payments

Simplifying setup and funding of multi-currency global accounts

Or any other ways we can help your cross-border payment solution

Enter to Win

Join us at booth #4220 and enter to win a monogrammed Away Carry-On

Enter to Win

Meet the Nium Team

Live from Money Row —
Founder Admissions with Paul Virzi

nium x money20/20 comedy special

Nium Nite
Paul Virzi

Paul Virzi

Nocturnal Admissions

Prajit Nanu

Prajit Nanu

Founder and CEO

Dimitri Dadiomov

Dimitri Dadiomov

CEO and Co-Founder

Nicole Casperson

Nicole Casperson


Zach Anderson Pettet

Zach Anderson Pettet

Content Director

Join standup comedian Paul Virzi, creator of Netflix's Nocturnal Admissions, as we turn the tables for some Founder Admissions with Prajit Nanu (Founder and CEO, Nium), Dimitri Dadiomov (CEO and Co-Founder, Modern Treasury), Nicole Casperson (Founder, Fintech is Femme) and Zach Anderson Pettet (Content Director, Money20/20) emcee-ing the evening.

We aren't talking APIs or interest rates - it's time to get into the humanity of two founders and one of fintech's favorite influencers.

We cannot guarantee that this will be entirely
appropriate for work...sounds fun, right?

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill in The Venetian

Oct 24th, 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM PST

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm: Fintech Mixtape - Drinks, bites and your classic Hip Hop requests

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm: Founder Admissions with Paul Virzi

9:00 pm - 11:00 pm: Fast and Loose with Nimesh Patel

Circle Gradient Circle Gradient
Nium Nite

Fast and Loose with

Nimesh Sign

Get set for a fast and loose night of unfiltered hilarity as Saturday Night Live alum Nimesh Patel storms the stage at Nium @ Nite, happening at SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill on Tuesday, October 24 at 9:00 pm.

Brace yourself for Nimesh's no-holds-barred stand-up comedy as he takes you on a crypto-coaster-like ride through his edgy, offbeat, and outrageously funny observations and controversies. So be sure to grab your seats and get ready for a wild night of laughter that's as daring as it is unforgettable!


Global Business Lounge

Meet With Nium on the Money20/20 Show Floor

October 22nd to 25th, Booth #4220

Relax in real-time and recharge at the Nium Global Business Lounge, located in the Money Hall, #4220.

Grab your Passport to Cross-Border Payments and enter to win a monogrammed Away Carry-On.

We’re serving coffee, drinks, and light bites throughout the event.

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Developers Matter Dangit

Sunday, October 22nd at 3pm PST. Murano, Level 3

The world of FIN-TECH has leaned heavily into the FIN for a long time. The TECH is finally catching up and that dynamic has increased the power of the developer dramatically. Be that decision making inside the business or even making software purchase decisions heretofore reserved for the C-Suite. Let's talk the importance of the developer in the fintech ecosystem.

Join Nium’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ramana Satyavarapu, on Sunday, October 22nd at 3pm PST at Murano, Level 3 for a panel discussion alongside leaders from Moov, Atomic and Cowboy Ventures. Ramana will share his unique perspectives and innovative approaches for building future-proof Fintech companies.

Developers Matter
Who’s attending

Meet the Nium team at Money20/20.

  • Prajit Nanu nium team member

    Prajit Nanu

    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Michael Bermingham nium team member

    Michael Bermingham

    Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer
  • Ramana Satyavarapu nium team member

    Ramana Satyavarapu

    Chief Product and Technology Officer
  • Nareg DerManuelian nium team member

    Nareg DerManuelian

    SVP & Head of Corporate Development
  • Christina Hutchinson nium team member

    Christina Hutchinson

    VP of Business Development LATAM
  • Astro Araujo nium team member

    Astro Araujo

    Enterprise Account Manager
  • Volker Steinle nium team member

    Volker Steinle

    SVP & Regional Head of Business for Americas
  • Lia Susin nium team member

    Lia Susin

    VP of Business Development LATAM
  • Andrew Gyenis nium team member

    Andrew Gyenis

    Director - Business Development
  • Bas van de Schaaf nium team member

    Bas van de Schaaf

    VP - Head of Banking
  • Jeremiah Glodoveza nium team member

    Jeremiah Glodoveza

    SVP Marketing & Communications
  • Michael Podrid nium team member

    Michael Podrid

    Vice President - Business Development
  • Sunil Joshi nium team member

    Sunil Joshi

    Director of Product Management
  • Mihaela Green nium team member

    Mihaela Green

    Vice President - Business Development
  • Kyle Reny nium team member

    Kyle Reny

    Vice President - Business Development
  • Tanu Arora nium team member

    Tanu Arora

    Customer Success Manager
  • Leilani Carbonell nium team member

    Leilani Carbonell

    Vice President - Account Management
  • Greg McAllister nium team member

    Greg McAllister

    VP of Business Development
  • Ankit Gupta nium team member

    Ankit Gupta

    Chief Architect
  • Kranti Talluri nium team member

    Kranti Talluri

    Head of Customer and Developer Experience
  • Dharminder Singh nium team member

    Dharminder Singh

    Sr Principal Architect
  • Drew Humes nium team member

    Drew Humes

    Senior Product Manager
  • SurajKumar Pal nium team member

    SurajKumar Pal

    Director Engineering
  • Kuai Yu nium team member

    Kuai Yu

    Senior Engineering Manager
  • Suchi Sraba Pattanayak nium team member

    Suchi Sraba Pattanayak

    Product Manager
  • Harsh Nijhawan nium team member

    Harsh Nijhawan

    Product Manager
  • Amber Rai nium team member

    Amber Rai

    Senior Director of Engineering
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