A Vision for a Future of Frictionless Commerce

The future of frictionless commerce is here. How can we remove friction and complexities from global commerce that hold progress back? In this white paper, learn why our experts believe Simple, Seamless and Scalable are the pillars of a successful future of payments.

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This white paper is a brief introduction to:

  • The pitfalls that outdated processes and legacy payments systems bring businesses
  • The three core principles that will deliver excellent experiences, meet risk and compliance checks, and automate payment processes – all at a global scale
  • Four best practices to transform payments for the future including customer journey mapping, real-time APIs and global payment messaging standards
  • And much more

Simple, Seamless and Scalable are the pillars of a successful future of payments.


Excellent experiences will be non-negotiable and businesses will optimize the buying, selling, or earning experience to excel at customer experiences (and employee experiences).


Payments will be at the center of digital transformation and evolve in a way that all the meshes of identity verification, regulatory risk and compliance run seamlessly at the back-end.


Payments will drive business growth and expansion, and real-time APIs and new payment rails will be the critical components to unlock new business use-cases and innovation at scale.

Be prepared for the future of payments.

A guide to Simple, Seamless and Scalable global payments and card issuance.

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Nium is a leading embedded fintech company that provides banks, payment providers and businesses of any size with access to global payment and card issuance services via one API.

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