Paying it Forward: The Future of Payments in the Gig Economy

A global workforce offers extraordinary depth of talent, but earning its loyalty with seamless, intuitive payments is anything but straightforward. “Where’s my money?” is the question every gig employer must answer to stand out as the sector grows.

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This e-book is a brief introduction to:

  • How the pandemic transformed remote work
  • Payment issues faced by the global workforce
  • Where our experts see the gig economy headed in the next few years
  • The four major trends to watch as gig economy grows
  • How to make the most of gig economy’s ever-expanding opportunities and power a new generation of fintech solutions

Paying it Forward: The Future of Payments in the Gig Economy

Worldwide workforce.

Payments must now find a workforce anywhere in the world. We enable card, e-wallet and bank payouts to help deliver payments to 190+ countries worldwide.

Instant payout.

Real-time, on-demand payments are becoming the standard. Build loyalty with real-time payments across the globe, and instantly fund branded cards.

Effortless onboarding.

Gig economy workers need to get up and running fast, so we’ve automated the onboarding process with eKYC and eKYB, avoiding friction during setup for your users.

Paying gig workers anywhere, anytime.

A guide to the future of payments in the gig economy.

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The element that makes fintech go.

Nium is a leading embedded fintech company that provides banks, payment providers and businesses of any size with access to global payment and card issuance services via one API.

  • Pay Out to 190+ countries, 85 in real time
  • Pay In to receive funds in 35 markets
  • Issue Cards in 33 markets worldwide
  • Nium’s network gives you access to 3.2 billion beneficiaries