Open Money Global Platform​

Use our banking-as-a-service technology set. Send in real-time. Create your own cards. Make international collections as easy as domestic ones. Keep track of where your money is and where it’s going.

Open Money Global Platform​




Send money faster than ever

Nium’s Open Money Network enables cross-border payouts to 90 countries for millions of people and businesses.

A single platform built on next-generation technology.
  • Real-time payments in 65 corridors
  • Access to 3.21 Billion beneficiaries on one platform
  • Send money via the most direct route to avoid delays and fees
  • Deliver payment instructions in virtually any format
  • Pay suppliers via card to optimise cash flow, delivering savings and working capital benefits
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Boost your business with branded cards

Launch your own debit card program in as little as four weeks. We take on the complexity for you. Grow revenue, reduce cost, and simplify the payment process by adding Nium’s card issuing capabilities to your business.

  • Design custom-branded Visa or Mastercard debit cards
  • Develop new e-commerce opportunities
  • Integrated with Google Pay for contactless payment for end-users
  • Simplify payroll, payouts, or disbursements
  • Use for employee cards, travel/expenses and per diem
  • Real-time spend management with an easy to access dashboard
  • Manage program security in one place, including card lock/unlock, geo-location data, and cardholder permissions
  • Reward loyalty and offer value-added services
  • Plastic and virtual cards available in multi-currency, multi-wallet, and mobile payment options

Speed up cross-border collection

Turn global transfers into local payments. Reduce payment costs and make your business more competitive for international business customers and suppliers with Nium’s Open Money Account.

  • Get paid faster for better liquidity​
  • Send invoices in your buyers’ currency to reduce the fixed cost for the buyer and the FX cost for your business
  • Receive payments in nine currencies, using local payment rails
  • Reduce customer friction around the collections process by offering local currencies and payment methods
  • Innovative payment tracking to reduce global reconciliation issues
  • Increase margins by controlling when you convert and spend in your preferred currency
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Benefits of the Open Money Platform

Flexible, Easy and Cost-Efficient

Reduce business and customer friction with our flexible cross-border solution.

  • Onboard in as little as four weeks
  • Simple platform integration with your existing systems
  • Bring your suppliers, business partners and clients together in a single platform
  • Enable faster growth by expanding into new markets
  • Reduce cost by reducing operational complexity

Trusted Security

We’ve spent years building our business around security and compliance. Here’s why some of the world’s largest banks and regulators trust us:

  • Secure DSI compliant platform
  • Best-in-class security with end-to-end encryption
  • PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing
  • We manage regulatory and compliance requirements for you
  • Proprietary transaction monitoring system to auto review payment activity
  • Bank-grade early detection and fraud prevention tools for all transactions

Advanced FX Capabiliities

Get currency flexibility that works for your business and your customers.

  • Flexible FX options, with 24×7 FX capabilities
  • Reduce conversion costs with interbank based FX rates
  • Instant, pre-booked and scheduled trades
  • Better FX rates with the power to choose a preferred currency
  • Control the invoice amount by offering terms in a local currency
  • Instant FX, even beyond G10 currencies

Reporting and Insights

Unlock the potential of big data in your cross-border strategy. Keep track of where your money is and where it’s going.

  • Manage your global payment activity with custom reports
  • Set user permissions, approve payments and enable 3rd party reconciliation
  • Integrate data with your financial software ecosystem
  • Real-time transaction tracking with rich reference data
  • Automate expense reporting and compliance
  • Simplified global payroll management
  • Set automated spend controls by cardholder, geography, spend category and vendor
  • Notifications engine to help you stay on top of payments

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