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A global financial services platform.

Payments to and from around the world, delivered via bank accounts, cards and e-wallets. Nium can bring cross-border payments, card issuance and local accounts to life in just a few weeks.

Pay Out

Pay In

Issue Cards

Banking as
a Service

Send farther.
Send faster.

Nium’s Global Financial Services Network taps into the most advanced means to send money around the world. Deliver to banks, cards and e-wallets in over 100 countries, most in real time.

  • The fastest way to reach your customers – real-time payments in 65 corridors
  • Access to 3.21 billion beneficiaries on one platform
  • Send money via the most direct route to avoid delays, extra fees and drops
  • Deliver funds to Visa Debit cards via Visa Direct
  • Access to the world’s leading e-wallets

Expand your presence and manage your FX, with local accounts around the world.

Nium’s virtual accounts give you the ability to accept funds locally in the most popular currencies from anywhere in the world. Let your customers pay you locally while you save on FX fees.
  • Local accounts allow you to get paid faster and enhance liquidity
  • Receive payments in nine currencies, using local payment rails
  • Reduce customer friction around the collections process by offering local currencies and payment methods
  • Increase margins by controlling when you convert and spend in your preferred currency

Issue cards across the biggest markets around the world.

The world has shifted to card networks to help manage global funds disbursement for expenses, payments, loyalty rewards and more. Nium can be the rare partner that can build your card network all over the world.
  • Issue virtual or physical cards in markets across the world
  • Issued cards are available for use immediately
  • Users can manage cards, spend limits and more, all in one dashboard
  • Start issuing cards in as little as four weeks
  • Access to Mastercard and Visa networks

Connect your
payment flows, connect the world.

Nium’s Banking as a Service allows you to build end-to-end flow from and to a vast array of countries through cards, banks and e-wallets – all through one API.

  • Manage all of Nium’s services through one API
  • Collect funds and disperse to card, bank or e-wallet
  • Modular composable API architecture set up for easy integration
  • Interconnect all the financial services right for you

What the Nium
platform delivers.

What the Nium
platform delivers.

Flexible, easy and cost-efficient

Global needs met quickly.

  • Onboard in as little as four weeks
  • Simple platform integration with your existing systems
  • Bring your global clients and employees together in a single platform

Trusted and compliant

Leading banks, regulators and enterprises trust Nium.

  • Best-in-class security with end-to-end encryption
  • PCI DSS compliant credit card processing
  • Proprietary transaction monitoring system to auto-review payment activity
  • Licensed in 40 markets globally


Manage your global payments on your terms.

  • Set user permissions, approve payments and enable third-party reconciliation
  • Real-time transaction tracking with rich reference data
  • Set automated spend controls by cardholder, geography, spend category and vendor

The world unlocked

Outstanding country reach and currency capabilities.

  • Reach of over 100 countries and 63 currencies
  • Hold, exchange and settle funds in the world’s largest currencies
  • Leading FX rates built on local settlement

Build your innovation with Nium's APIs.

Explore our turn-key purpose-built API suite. Built for simplicity and scalability, you can integrate Nium in as little as 4 weeks.


Build your global solution using our modular, cloud-based API suite. Integrate new features and geographies with ease as you scale.


RESTful methodology, HTTPS authentication & verbs, and JSON across our API suite ensures a simple integration and reliable platform.


Read through documentation, explore our APIs in our sandbox environment and begin to prototype & build your solution.