Lock FX Rates for Emerging Markets with No Hidden Fees

Avoid the high-cost intermediaries and get transparency and control to move money anywhere in real time.​

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Lock and Hold FX Rates for More than 60 Currencies

  • Manage FX risk

    Lock and hold rates for up to 24 hours for more than 60 supported currencies, including several emerging market currencies.

  • Single rate for all planned bulk payments

    Convert at a single rate for planned bulk payments and mitigate against currency fluctuation risk on individual payments. Avoid duplicate FX conversion on returned payments.

  • Manage cashflow with flexible settlement schedules

    Choose to settle immediately or on a future date based on your business needs.

Know What You’ll Spend When You Send

Know What You’ll Spend When You Send

  • Get full transparency

    Get the interbank exchange rate and markup used for every conversion.

  • Avoid hidden fees

    Deliver funds to 220 markets in full with no hidden fees or deductions.

  • Know the true cost of FX

    Track historical interbank exchange rates and evaluate your current vendor's FX markup over the interbank rate.

More Reach. Anytime.

More Reach. Anytime.

  • Leverage 2000+ currency pairs

    Get the flexibility to covert funds across thousands of currency pairs.

  • Pay to 220 markets, with 100+ in real time

    Payout faster to anyone anywhere without complex banking relationships.

  • Operate 24/7/365

    Get FX quotes and perform conversations even on weekends and holidays.


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Avoiding Cost in Translation

For over a decade, Nium has invested in building its payment platform with deep banking relationships and highly focused technology. Nium enables its clients to pay into over 190 countries, through over 110 currencies, using a broad set of payment methods—many of which are real-time.
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Avoiding Cost in Translation

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Fearless FX: Currency Exchange to Drive Global Growth

As you build your global business, FX strategies may have been low on your list of priorities. Many organizations relegate FX as a default from their banks. But even a few percentage points can make the difference as you fund subsidaries and global operations.
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Fearless FX: Currency Exchange to Drive Global Growth

The Global Infrastructure For Real-Time Payments

Nium moves money, manages foreign exchange, and mitigates fraud so your business can send and receive funds in real-time.

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