Continent-to-continent card issuance.

Because the world is turning to cards, it’s time to issue cards wherever you do business. We offer a full-stack solution from BIN sponsorship to branded card production. All with single API simplicity.

Pay your people everywhere.

Fast, secure payments for contractors in 35 countries, and unprecedented control for employee travel and expenses for setting limits, spending controls and staying within budgets.

Go virtual for invoices.

Get granular with invoices by issuing specific virtual cards to pay off specific invoices. Rest easy knowing exactly where your money is going.

Better BIN sponsorship.

Tap into our BIN or our BIN + licenses whenever you need. You issue cards as needed, we’ll handle financial sponsorship and settlement with card networks.


Embrace card issuance for flexibility and control with Nium.

International reach, with the scale you need. Instantly issue cards in over 30 markets worldwide, with full-stack processing, issuing and production.

Payments accelerated. Issue virtual cards instantly, and fund cards as fast as real time, keeping the money in your account longer and improving cash flow.

Budgeting simplified. Whether issuing physical or virtual cards, you can control exactly what and how much a card can be used for. Gain peace of mind and lower your risk.


Issue physical and virtual cards in 33 markets worldwide.

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A network in every card.

Explore the Nium network of partnerships, licenses and relationships with financial regulators that serve as the foundation for your card activities.

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After shifting to Nium, their Visa cards have been accepted at major merchants and have been well received by clients. The Nium team has been helpful in solving certain issues for us.

Rajith Shaji, Founder

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Card issuance, internalized through APIs.

Instantly issue cards or virtual cards through our powerful, bank-grade APIs. Our library of developer docs is at the fingertips of your developers to find the right endpoints for your application.

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