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Experience AI-Powered Payment Routing

Experience AI-Powered Payment Routing

  • Nium Portal features Chronometer, a proprietary, AI-based algorithm to analyze disbursement options across our network to instantly determine the ideal payment orchestration route. Surface accurate predictions of when the payment will arrive, backed by Service Level Agreements.

Orbit Gain Complete Visibility Into Global Account Activities

Gain Complete Visibility Into Global Account Activities

  • Take control of your global treasury operations.

    Nium Portal gives your full visibility into your payment activities, including available wallet currencies, balances, and bank details for sending funds, transaction and recipient level details.

Manage API Keys, Webhook Configuration and User Management With Self-Service Tools

Manage API Keys, Webhook Configuration and User Management With Self-Service Tools

  • Comprehensive suite of self-service features to empower usersto take control of global money movement – in real-tme.

  • API Keys:

    Get easy access to API keys and revoke and generate new keys from Num portal.

  • Webhook configuration:

    Configure and customize more than 50 webhook events, including transaction events, internal system notifications, card activity events, and compliance events. Test within our sandbox environment.

  • User Management:

    Empowers you with rich, self-service capabilities designed with an administrators workflow in mind. Provision customized roles and offer unique permissions.

Orbit Monitor Transactions for Real-Time Transparency

Monitor Transactions for Real-Time Transparency

  • Nium Portal allows users to view transactions of all types across user-defined time frames, with the ability to create reports and search across transactions. Integrations with Nium Chronometer show the status of each transaction in real-time.


The Global Infrastructure For Real-Time Payments

Nium moves money, manages foreign exchange, and mitigates fraud so your business can send and receive funds in real-time.

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