Dream globally. Bank locally: Nium Pay In.

Create virtual bank accounts all over the world, so you can receive, hold, offer new payment methods and save on FX fees. All without navigating arcane international banking regulations.

Accounts in foreign countries.

You don’t have to be there to bank there. Open single accounts, multiple accounts, even dedicated accounts to a specific partner.

Reduced FX management.

Take advantage of local rails and local currencies for all your transactions, saving you time and money on FX transactions and conversion fees.

New payment methods.

International sales no longer need to come only from cards. Offer your customers the ability to pay with a local bank transfer, removing friction and cost from the payment process.


Our Pay In offering delivers unparalleled flexibility to global businesses.

Bank like a local. Collect and hold funds in 35 different countries, with the flexibility of different accounts for different customers.

Save time across time zones. Local currency management and local settlement mean less reliance on SWIFT and reduced FX conversion times.

International commerce, simplified. Our API-based solution means opening one, or 100 bank accounts, can be done instantly through the Nium platform.


Set up virtual bank accounts in 35 different countries.

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Where do you need an account?

Our extensive Pay In network is backed by our portfolio of licenses and trusted relationships with local financial regulators.

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You don’t need a banking license to solve customer problems, but you do need the right partners, and this has been the case for us at Budgetly.

Simon Lenoir, CEO & Founding Director.

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Pay In integration.

Our powerful APIs make opening virtual accounts second nature, allowing you to open as many accounts as needed with minimal effort.

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