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Simplify funding, collection, conversion, and disbursements to drive borderless growth.

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Streamlined Global Currency Management

Streamlined Global Currency Management

Easily setup and manage multicurrency funds, with automated solutions built for global businesses.

  • Centralize multi-currency operations

    Access and manage over 100 currencies worldwide with real-time conversions and tools for unified accounting, reporting and reconciliation for corporate and retail.

  • Automate account allocation

    Allocate virtual accounts for incoming funds automatically, streamlining funding collections and disbursements in the currencies of your choice.

  • Grow on your terms

    Eliminate payment intermediaries to manage costs and decisions autonomously, with payment infrastructure to pay to over 220+ markets.

Complete Visibility and Control for Global Financial Operations

Complete Visibility and Control for Global Financial Operations

Manage global growth with real-time insights and comprehensive transaction reporting to stay compliant and in control across all financial activities.

  • Easily manage transactions at scale

    Analyze and report faster with deep visibility into every transaction with real-time data on balances, fees, and exchange rates.

  • De-risk account compliance

    Grow with confidence, with bank-level encryption for sensitive financial information and full compliance and support, including uninterrupted access to your accounts.

  • Enable real-time global mass payouts

    Utilize Nium’s robust payment infrastructure to pay to over 220 markets, 70 currencies — nearly 100 in real time.

Integrated Ledger Management

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Integrated Ledger Management

Simplify ledger management, reconciliation, and financial reporting capabilities with integrated tools built for efficient growth, from automated reconciliation to customized financial analysis.

  • Automate receivables and reconciliation

    Assign virtual accounts to enable instant reconciliation of account receivables based on virtual account ID.

  • Segment multi-account structures

    Configure different accounts for varied business needs, such as departmental budgets or regional operations for enhanced clarity and control.

  • Access on-demand reporting

    Create and configure downloadable reports on deposits, withdrawals, spending, fees, payments and refunds via the Nium API.


The Global Infrastructure for Real-Time Payments

Nium moves money, manages foreign exchange and mitigates fraud risk so your business can send and receive funds in real time.

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