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Accelerate your global business by accepting payments via local and international methods.

Global Pay In Hero Nium
Flexible Funding Across Borders

Flexible Funding Across Borders

Access a wide range of payment methods on demand to receive payments from almost anywhere in the world, making your funds work for you.

  • Reconcile incoming funds conveniently

    Quickly add funds into a Nium account of your choice in a way that suits you. Set your preferred currency and payment method such as bank transfers, wires, cards or even prefund Nium accounts.

  • Build reliable payment flows with best-in-class direct debit

    Offer secure, convenient and repeatable payments for payroll and spend management customers. Offer direct debits in AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, CAD and SGD, all without the need to push funds from external accounts.

  • Scale and save with local rails

    Integrate faster, most cost-effective payins via our expanding network of local rails spanning over 12 currencies including USD, HKD, GBP, EUR, PLN, DKK, SGD, AUD, PHP, JPY, CAD, IDR and growing.

Intelligent, Automated Payment Collections

Intelligent, Automated Payment Collections

Systemise third-party and customer payments with automated,secure rails. Streamline reconciliation, eliminate manual errors and getpaid faster, with complete visibility over inbound funds.

  • Proactive payment control

    Eliminate unnecessary manual handling with customizable, automated acceptance terms based on sender, currency and amount.

  • Orchestrate custom collections workflows

    Simplify payment matching and streamline collections with Nium’s flexible API fields to capture sender data, automate approval workflows and accelerate reconciliation.

  • Connect directly with PSPs
    Coming Soon!

    Streamline PSP collections with integrated review and data gathering for compliance-approved partners to scale revenue across multiple providers.

Expand Your Payins Network

Expand Your Payins Network

Grow your revenue potential with automated, worldwide payment acceptance with full visibility and control.

  • Stay in control with flexible APIs

    Quickly reconcile incoming payments via integrated APIs,track status updates and subscribe to our webhooks for real-time notifications.

  • Optimize FX margins

    Enhance growth margins by receiving and managing a range of currencies within your preferred Global Account(s).

  • Expand with confidence

    Access local rails and licensing on a global scale to access new markets faster with full confidence and compliance


The Global Infrastructure for Real-Time Payments

Nium moves money, manages foreign exchange and mitigates fraud risk so your business can send and receive funds in real time.

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