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Article 8 months ago

Global corporates and payroll platforms enabled by real-time payments benefit from faster, cheaper, and more transparent transactions. When exchange rates are locked in, hidden fees are eliminated, and regulatory requirements taken care of, the ‘right time’ to execute payments is all the time.

Article 10 months ago

Global businesses are facing a transforming B2B payments landscape, driven by three key trends.

Article 1 year ago

The world of payments is rapidly evolving – and reshaping the world itself at the same time. When it comes to real-time payments, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is leading the charge. With an increasing number of countries embracing digital finance and fintech innovation, it's no surprise that four

Article 1 year ago

Latin America (LATAM) is in the middle of a real-time payments revolution that is rapidly changing how people and businesses make transactions. The emergence of fast-payment systems like Transferencia 3.0 in Argentina, PIX in Brazil, and SPEI in Mexico has driven remarkable growth while bringing a g


The real-time payments market is on the rise, with FinTech Futures projecting a staggering 32% increase to nearly $87 billion by 2028. In the latest episode of Forward Exchanges, Siobhan O’Neill-Schwenk delves into the key trend shaping 2023: “The Revolution in Real-Time Payments.” Joined by industr

Article 1 year ago

Payments are a key area of business, but one that has traditionally lagged behind other operational capabilities. In the current era of globalization, however, cross-border payments present an opportunity for companies to create a competitive advantage through better visibility, control, and custome

News 1 year ago

Nium processes over 75% of transactions globally in real-time to a market-leading 100 countries Expanded license in Malaysia allows Nium to onboard licensed financial institutions and other Payment Service Providers (PSPs) for payouts, while offering higher outbound transaction limits SINGAPORE, 19

Article 2 years ago

Over the last decade real-time payments have risen to become a vital component of the global gig economy, transforming the speed with which money can be moved between employers and freelancers, delivery agents, cab drivers and others. This underpins the versatility that is the gig economy’s biggest

Article 4 years ago

The client chose Niums as it would allow them to take advantage of Visa Direct, issue branded cards to their customers, offer points and perks, access underbanked markets, and provide a better affiliate experience.

Article 4 years ago

By providing employee expense cards and advanced expense management software, businesses can optimise their payroll, T&E/per diem, and payouts & disbursements. These changes alone can save businesses time and drastically reduce operational costs.

Modern money movement and the global network that makes it possible.

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