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How are OTAs (online travel agencies) flying with fintech? Payment systems in air travel are inefficient, slow, and expensive, creating friction between OTAs and their airline partners. Here's how to rise above it all.

Article 11 months ago

Currency support for popular tourist hub allows Nium customers to issue a virtual card and spend in AED for fast payments, reduced complexity, and improved transaction-level controls By Christian Falzon, Product Director, Nium Travel The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are a must-visit country with fanta

Article 1 year ago

The travel ecosystem is a complex web of businesses, all of which rely on each other to function. From airlines to online travel agents (OTAs) to corporate travel management companies (TMCs), each player in the ecosystem has a unique role to play. And, with all of these different businesses come dif

Article 1 year ago

The Ixaris journey began in 2003 when serial entrepreneur, Alex Mifsud, introduced Europe to its first virtual prepaid card. This introduction would revolutionize the payments industry in Europe and change how industries, such as travel, paid and got paid. After more than 17 years of payment innovat

Article 2 years ago

Published Aug 24, 2021 Online travel agents (OTAs) face many challenges – economic uncertainty, geopolitical fluctuations, airline strikes and climate issues are just some of the things that can hit their profit margins. Needless to say, the impact of Covid-19 is the biggest risk at the moment. Whil

Article 2 years ago

Published Sep 13, 2021 Online travel agents (OTAs) operate on thin profit margins and must optimise their operations to protect and grow their businesses. One way is through payments, as inefficient payments systems can be costly and jeopardise customer experience – both of which will damage the bot

News 2 years ago

Published Jun 10, 2021 Nium Co-founder and CEO, Prajit Nanu, joins BBC News’ Sharanjit Leyl to discuss the acquisition of B2B travel payments leader, Ixaris. He shares his thoughts on the return of travel and why now is the time to invest in modernisation. Watch the full video to learn more:

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