Send money like never before

Nium's Open Money Network enables cross-border payouts to 55+ countries for millions of people and businesses.

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A single platform built on next-generation technology

  • Send money to 55+ countries
  • Make real-time payments in 23+ markets
  • Access to 3.21 Billion beneficiaries on one platform
  • Get better pricing and track payments automatically
  • Send money via the most direct route to avoid delays and fees
  • Pay suppliers via card to optimise cash flow, delivering savings and working capital benefits 
  • Backed by best-in-class, bank-grade compliance infrastructure

Multi-currency accounts

  • Store and send multiple currencies
  • Fund accounts locally with flexible funding options
  • Pay at scale with batch uploads, API or other flexible options
  • Worry less with built-in, automated compliance

Send and Receive

  • Receive cross-border payments directly with one integration
  • Send payment requests and define how you want to get paid
  • Send payments with preferred card to suppliers – no matter what payment options they accept
  • Extend cash flow up to 55 days and deliver on bottom-line savings   
  • Automate invoice reconciliation from global clients and partners
  • Bring your suppliers, business partners and clients together in a single platform

Advanced FX capabilities

  • Access 24×7 FX pricing and trade execution
  • Reduce conversion costs with interbank based FX rates
  • Power your FX strategy with instant, pre-booked and scheduled trades
  • Customise your approach with our FX APIs

Reporting and insights

  • Provide controlled access for reconciliation
  • Manage your global payment activity with custom reports
  • Integrate data with your financial software ecosystem

Secure and compliant

  • World-class security around your transactions
  • Manage user profiles and permissions
  • Receive notifications and scheduled reports
  • Compliance team continually working with in-country regulators
  • Licensed by multiple financial regulators
  • Secure DSI compliant platform 

Choose the solution that meets your needs

  • Use our award-winning turnkey web-based interface
  • Integrate our capabilities into your existing ecosystem
  • Develop a new product from the ground up with our API set

Find out how Nium's Open Money Network can enable your business.