Move money. On-demand.

Move money around the world to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Grow your business on payment and card issuing solutions from Nium (pronounced nee-yum) – the global leader in on-demand money movement.

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How businesses move money on demand, around the world.

Nium is a modern, modular platform for global business payments. We help businesses simplify expansion, streamline local payments, improve customer experiences and unlock new revenue.

We make it easy to deliver payment and card issuance solutions all over the world. Our API suite lets developers easily connect into our payment network of 190+ countries.

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On-demand money movement, made possible.

For banks, platforms, payment providers and businesses of all sizes, Nium delivers a modern way to disburse, collect and settle funds all over the world, in real time.

Pay Out with Nium

190+ markets. Zero hassles.

Nium Pay Out is the modern way to move money. Pay employees, suppliers and local sellers and partners wherever you do business.

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Pay In with Nium

Bank like a local in 35 different countries.

Do business internationally, while receiving funds locally. Set up virtual bank accounts in 35 different countries and accept payments via bank transfers, cards and wallets.

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Issue Cards with Nium

Issue cards in 30+ markets worldwide.

Instantly issue physical spend cards or enable virtual card vendor payments in 30+ markets worldwide, made possible by our partnerships with card networks.

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The most powerful APIs for global money movement.

Go from idea to implementation quickly with robust, bank-grade APIs. Our documentation, sample data and code snippets provide developers with powerful tools to launch your next innovation.

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Build a global solution using modular, cloud-based APIs. Easily integrate features and geographies as you scale.


Read our documentation, explore APIs in our sandbox and begin to prototype as you build a solution.


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“With Nium, I saw the ability for us to scale quickly, not only locally but in new markets, and at a commercially feasible cost.”

—Pelikin | Sam Brown, Founder and CEO

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Modern money movement and the global network that makes it possible.

We empower modern money movement through a global network of regulatory licenses and partners, compliance services and world-class APIs designed to make the complexities of global commerce invisible.


Pay Out to 190+ countries and territories


Set up virtual Pay In accounts in 35 different countries


Issue physical and virtual cards in 30+ markets worldwide