Creator Economy

Creator payments, on demand

Flexible payment options for the creator economy. Compensate influencers and freelancers, around the world – fast and safe. 

Creator Economy

Brands around the world are tapping into the powerful expertise of creators and influencers. To fully access and monetize on this network, platforms need the ability to quickly send, track, tailor, and manage payments for a diverse audience on a global scale. 

Nium enables creator platforms to pay entrepreneurs fast and safely with on-demand global payments. We are focused on helping businesses accelerate global growth by removing regulatory complexities, offering convenient payment methods, and moving money quickly and easily in local currencies. 

  • Connect creators and their fans globally with multi-currency collections and real-time payouts in a single solution.  
  • Act as a Merchant of Record without setting up local entities, doing tax registrations, or monitoring the constantly changing local regulations. 
  • Bring on SMEs with automated eKYC and eKYB, enabling a faster setup to get SMBs up and running. 
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A single partner approach

Embrace multiple payment methods, currencies, and speeds to create your preferred customer experience. Onepartner for Pay Out, Pay In, and Card Issuance 

On-demand market access

Go from idea to implementation with robust, bank-grade APIs. Our secure, modular API suite allows you to offer new products fast and easily integrate features and geographies as you scale. 

A network of 11 licenses

We offer fast and easy global scale while handling onboarding and KYC requirements. Have your own license? We can support that too. 

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