Reduce the complexity of scaling globally while minimizing costs. Improve the experience for everyone you work with.

Give your sellers the options they want, with the speed to motivate them.

Easily send payouts across the globe.  Give your sellers and freelancers more choice and reduce your own operational burden.

  • Flexible: NiumPay simplifies the payout process with instant global disbursements in whatever method the seller chooses: card, bank account, or in-store cash – for ultimate flexibility and ultimate loyalty.
  • Easy: Use our simple white-label app or integrate into your existing systems via APIs
  • Cost-Effective: Cut substantial costs and reduce the burden of country-specific compliance, currency conversions, and storing individual banking information
  • Fast: Ensure timely payments with 24/7 processing, in real-time
  • Coverage: Expansive network that includes 90+ countries

NiumPay for Marketplaces

Our simple app provides complete payment visibility, access to new global markets, real-time global payments, and a better experience through one simplified backend system. 

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Benefits of NIUM

Customer Experience

Operational Efficiency

Revenue Opportunities


  • Provide a frictionless payment experience
  • Empower your users throughout the globe by making it easy to send and receive in their local currency and in their preferred payout method
  • Increase transaction speed and transparency
  • Take control of the disbursement process via receive capabilities and keep your clients engaged
  • Get up and running in weeks
  • Streamline global operations with one integration
  • Expand your network without expanding operations
  • Increase liquidity by shortening the time it takes to receive payments
  • Tap into our local ACH networks to move from multi-leg payments to point-to-point and enjoy cost reductions 
  • Eliminate wire transfer fees for you and your customers with local receiving accounts
  • Enable faster growth by expanding into new markets
  • Create branded cards and take a share of the FX
  • PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing
  • Secure DSI compliant platform
  • Proprietary transaction monitoring system to auto review payment activity
  • Bank-grade security with end-to-end encryption for all transactions
  • Experienced compliance team continually working with in-country regulators

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