Episode 02May 25, 202334min

Women Driving the Future of Fintech


Historically speaking, women in fintech have been vastly underrepresented, accounting for under 10% of recently surveyed leadership positions. However, a noticeable shift is taking place toward promoting gender equality and improving this situation.  In episode two of Forward Exchanges, titled “Women Driving the Future of Fintech,” host Siobhan O’Neill-Schwenk, engages in a meaningful discussion with industry experts Jill Docherty, Nium’s V.P. of Customer Success for Europe, and Rasika Raina, Senior Vice President, Strategy for Transfer Solutions at Mastercard. The episode explores the important themes of supporting women’s progress in the fintech industry, and ways to increase their participation. 

Observations, Obstacles, and Advice from Industry Veterans 

In this enlightening episode, the industry veterans share their professional journeys, highlighting the magnetic appeal of the payments space, and the pivotal opportunities that shaped their fintech careers. Drawing from evidence-based research, the guests provided insights into advocating for inclusivity and empowering future women leaders to find their own voices. Their perspectives covered various topics, including the transformative benefits of mentorship in professional growth and the development of problem-solving skills. 

With KPMG reporting that 75% of executive women experience imposter syndrome, this episode also discusses the importance of learning and stepping outside comfort zones. Highlighting evidence-based research, the discussion zooms in on the advantages of increasing female leadership. Studies indicate that companies with a 10% higher representation of women on executive boards tend to earn an estimated 13% higher revenue and funding. 

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