Unlocking the Power of Global Payroll: Insights from Industry Leaders

29 Minutes
27 Jul, 2023
Episode 3
Host Siobhan O'Neill-Schwenk

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In episode three of Forward Exchanges Michael Bermingham, Co-founder, and Chief Business Officer at Nium, and Laetitia Moncarz, Global Head of Payments at Papaya Global discuss payment considerations and evolving employee expectations.

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As businesses increasingly expand their international hiring efforts, streamlining multi-country payroll processes has become a vital aspect in attracting and retaining top talent. In episode three of Forward Exchanges titled “Redefining Global Payroll,” Michael Bermingham, Co-founder, and Chief Business Officer at Nium, and Laetitia Moncarz, Global Head of Payments at Papaya Global discuss payment considerations and evolving employee expectations.

Global Payroll: Challenges, Delivery Models and Payment Considerations

Remote workers employed as contractors and consultants are growing in the global economy, with a need for flexible payments in real-time methods such as direct payments to bank accounts or direct to cards. The larger talent pool offers many benefits, but businesses must ensure seamless compliance with local regulations, taxation laws, and other payroll guidelines.

Global payroll and remote hiring must work together to deliver payments in different jurisdictions, different currencies, and different timelines; however, the reality is that this is a huge challenge for HR teams and payroll providers to overcome. Whether they do this in-house or choose a payments partner, businesses looking to scale flexibility need a global payments solution that removes global complexities and seamlessly aligns with local payment regulations.

Learn more about how employers can navigate global hiring and overcome the challenges of compliance, data privacy, foreign exchange, and more with the right real-time payments infrastructure in our new episode.

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Disclaimer: nothing in this episode shall be construed as financial or legal advice 

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Mike Bermingham
Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Nium
Laetitia Moncarz
Global Head of payments at Papaya Global - CEO of Women in Tech Israel


Siobhan O'Neill-Schwenk
Brand Marketing and Communications Strategist

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