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Article 2 years ago

Living in a digital economy, the shift away from conventional payment solutions is a change that businesses today can use to their advantage. From quick payments, reduced operating costs, and improved transparency, keeping track of money is no longer the complex process it once used to be (hint: if

Article 2 years ago

There was a time when handling business payments usually meant working with banks. But today, thanks to the growth of fintech and open banking, there are many payment service providers (PSPs) who can offer B2B and B2C solutions for all types of enterprise. Because the payments industry is highly com

Article 2 years ago

The growth of online payments and digital commerce has led to the widespread adoption of virtual cards, a trend accelerated by COVID-19 and the increase in card-not-present payments. As a convenient and secure form of digital payment, virtual cards have much to offer both private users and businesse

Modern money movement and the global network that makes it possible.

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