Introducing New and Enhanced Nium Documentation and Developer Tools for 2023

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1 year ago

Our teams have been working hard over the last few months toward our mission of helping developers build, deploy, operate, and scale their global payments on Nium.

Today, we are excited to unveil a new-and-improved documentation site and developer portal. Our redesigned experience makes it easier to access custom API keys, set up custom sandboxes, and test API connections to your application. We’re streamlining the workflow so that you can see the value of Nium – quickly and easily.

What’s new?

We’ve made it easier to understand and experience the features of the Nium payments platform with the following:

  • Enhanced User Interfaces (UI): Navigate the Nium documentation site faster with a clean, redesigned user interface;
  • Self-Serve Access: Customize your configuration based on operating region and get API Keys for personalized Sandbox environments;
  • Explore APIs: Use the interactive API playground to test in Sandbox environments – right from the documentation site in your favorite programming language;
  • Search Tool: Search the documentation site with a revamped search function that gets you straight to what you need quickly using full-content indexing
  • Improved Documentation:
    • Added new guides to simplify onboarding corporate customers.
    • Fully documented API request and response objects and will continue to add examples.
    • Moved our travel-related guides to a better online searchable version of the documentation.

What’s next?

In the follow-up releases in Q2 of 2023, we will further enhance the developer experience:

  • Enhanced Developer Portal: We will be adding features to progressively improve the functionality of the Developer Portal
    • Ability to configure URLs to receive webhook notifications
    • Ability to customize events for which you like to receive notifications
  • User Roles: We will add functionality to invite additional users to your client configuration

“Our team at Nium is passionate about building world-class customer and developer experiences, and ensuring our platform and its various tools deliver incredible value across the board,” said Kranti Talluri, Product Lead for Customer and Developer Experience at Nium. “Our hope is that developers gain significant benefit from these enhancements and help us continue to improve the experiences throughout the year.”

For more information or to provide feedback, please contact: [email protected].

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