Transformando los pagos de viajes

Unlock working capital and discover new revenue streams by optimizing B2B travel payments to airlines, hotels, and suppliers through an extensive portfolio of virtual cards with over 20 funding and issuing currencies. 


In the travel industry, margins are under constant pressure, and profitability is impacted at every turn. Lessen the impact of these margin pressures by optimizing every payment made. 

Nium travel solutionsa portfolio of virtual cards and our closed-loop Nium Airline Paymentscan help you lessen the pressure of tight margins seen in travel. We offer unique advantages from flexible funding methods, increased card acceptance rates, simplified charge back processing and reconciliation – all without requiring any additional technical integration. 

  • Eliminate margin-eating intermediaries from payment flow with Nium Airline Payments (NAP), a closed-loop payments solution, giving airlines the control to design transparent incentives for OTA partners based on routes, seasonality, business volumes, and more.   
  • Allow ‘just in time’ loading to unlocking working capital and reduce fraud exposure. 
  • Take advantage of 25+ years in B2B Travel payments expertise, with Nium’s acquisition of Ixaris in 2021.   

Issue Virtual Cards

Optimize B2B travel payments with our closed-loop NAP solution or choose from a variety of Visa or Mastercard cards for general travel spend. 

Tus pagos, protegidos

Take advantage of charge backs to recover failed supplier payments. With over ten years of industry experience, our chargeback success rate is 99.98%. 

Pagos que devuelven

Put payment expenses to work for your business. Choose the right virtual card to optimize acceptance, convert expenses into earnings and increase your margins. 

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