“Forward Exchanges” Podcast Introduction

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The pace of change in fintech and payments is dizzying. Now, more than ever, global brands–like Nium–have a responsibility to help business leaders keep up. We’ve made it part of our mission to deliver the education and the insights that business leaders need, and in a format that they want. That’s why I am excited to introduce our new podcast, “Forward Exchanges,” dedicated to helping leaders, like yourself, stay at the forefront of the fast-emerging changes in fintech.  

Why this podcast?  

We wanted to offer unique access to enriching conversations on the revolution in digital payments. In this six-episode series, we’ll take a trip around the world, exploring payments in a new way. You’ll hear from experts, partners, and industry influencers about how they’re driving the modern money movement with topics ranging from the not-so-remote future of work to how the travel industry is right for disruption. We’ll explore everything you need to know about Web 3 and crypto, and we’ll challenge you in how you think about inclusivity in the connected economy. 

We encourage you to join us on this 30-minute journey, once every two weeks. Whether you’re new to global payments, a digital transformation veteran, or just looking for some great advice on new global fintech strategies- this is the podcast for you.  


  • Episode 1: What is the Future of Modern Money Movement? 
    Listen to insights from Nium’s CRO Frederick Crosby, “Ram” Ramachandran, Senior VP and Head of New Payment Flows, APAC, VISA, and Marcus Treacher, CEO, CB Investment Growth Holdings/Board Member, ClearBank. 
  • Episode 2: The Not-So-Remote Future of Work 
    Featuring Gabriel Grisham, Nium’s VP and Head of Business Development, U.S., and Pedro Monteiro de Barros, VP of Finance, Remote. 
  • Episode 3: Crypto, Clarified 
    Joined by Joaquin Ayuso, Head of Nium Labs, and Geetha Panchapakesan, VP Financial Partnerships, Circle. 
  • Episode 4: Travel Payments Hit the Accelerator 
    Featuring Spencer Hanlon, Nium’s Global Head of Travel Payments/Head of Europe, and Peny Rizou, Director of Global Payments at Etraveli Group.  
  • Episode 5: How To Stop Worrying and Love the API 
    Tune into insights shared by Navendu Chandra, VP Product Management, Nium and Ahmed Siddiqui, VP Product, Branch App. 
  • Episode 6: Financial Inclusion: The Buck (Literally) Stops Here 
    We’re joined by Shu-Min Cheong, Head of Public Policy-APAC, Nium, Pat Patel, Executive Director at Elevandi, and Isvary Sivalingam, Southeast Asia Lead, Better Than Cash Alliance at UN Capital Development Fund. 

We hope you’ll be inspired by what you find on Forward Exchanges. Listen today on your favorite podcast platform. 

Ever forward, 

Jeremiah Glodoveza, Head of Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Nium 

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Modern money movement and the global network that makes it possible.

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