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Hotel Marketplace Grows with Cross-Border Payments

Nium’s powers transactions in Euros, Indian Rupees, Malaysian Ringgit, Philippine Pesos, Thai Bhat and US Dollars for one of the world’s leading boutique travel marketplaces. Nium also provides a single solution platform that allows the client to send payments globally and receive currency from their customers in key markets. We deliver this capability to the client through a combination of direct API integrations and our turnkey cloud-based software.

How Do the Platform’s Travellers and Lodging Vendors Benefit?

As the popularity of homestays and bespoke tourism experiences increases, it’s critical for our client to attract the best travel inventory. Faster cross-border payments, with better FX rates, mean our client’s sellers get more money from each booking. New vendors also see this as a big draw. Travellers have more competitive options to chose from, creating a virtuous cycle based on improved experiences for both buyer and seller.

Why Nium?

Our marketplace clients choose Nium to power their global payments infrastructure for good reasons.

We Offer Bespoke Solutions for Marketplaces

We work with marketplaces to implement innovative solutions that bridge the gaps in today’s fragmented global financial infrastructure. Our platform is a single access point that brings together real-time cross-border payments, inbound payments, FX management and Visa card issuance. 

We Take Compliance and Security Seriously

The world’s largest banks and financial institutions trust Nium’s technology to convey their customer’s funds. The reasons are simple: eight sovereign regulatory organizations maintain oversight of our business. We conduct bank-grade, in-house AML and KYC compliance that gives our clients an extra layer of security. We also offer Visa card issuing capabilities and are certified PCI/DSS compliant by the world’s largest card issuer. 

We Make it Easy to Integrate

Marketplaces can access Nium’s payment technology at scale with a flexible set of APIs. Options include integrating with your existing stack, creating a new product from scratch or using our turnkey cloud-based interface.

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