Nium Cares Spotlight: BAT FOR A CHANCE

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7 months ago

Currently in full swing, the ICC World Cup 2023 also gives us a chance, as the Official ICC Fintech Infrastructure Partner, to step back and reflect on our collaborative efforts, with valued charity partners, in an effort to make a positive impact in our ecosystem - beyond fintech. We believe that sport has the power to pioneer and inspire, and cricket is no exception. 

This week, our Nium Cares team, who drive forward all initiatives aimed at promoting inclusive mindsets and empowering marginalised communities, give a spotlight to an established ally in cricket and fellow enthusiast in technology and sport – with a deep passion for using sport as a vehicle for creating meaningful change globally. 

BAT FOR A CHANCE is an organisation established to enable underprivileged children to experience the joy of cricket. They collect and source cricket clothing and equipment, both new and high-quality second-hand items, for dispatch to schools, clubs, and academies all around the world. Founded by Will Gaffney 4 years ago, who was 16 years old at the time, this charity, which has reached over 15,000 beneficiaries and donated over 2000 cricketing items worldwide, is one that deserves recognition on an international scale. 

“We champion the work of BAT FOR A CHANCE and our association with them over the past few years has been a true privilege,” says India Stone, Head of Internal Communications and Employer Brand at Nium. “At Nium, we follow the ethos of ‘Simply Better Together’ and this partnership reflects this core value. We are pleased to have played a small role in donating cricket collateral, in our capacity as the ICC’s Official Fintech Infrastructure Partner, which has been dispatched by BAT FOR A CHANCE to deserving communities in Africa, Asia, Australia, South Americaand further.” 

Will Gaffney, Founder at BAT FOR A CHANCE, adds, “in working with Nium we have found a team who have as much heart as we do. We are united in recognizing that the sky is the limit when it comes to being innovative for the better of others. Nium has played a big part in our incredible journey so far, and for that, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation. We look forward to our continued cricket-centric collaboration.” 

If you, like Nium, would like to become a BAT FOR A CHANCE partner, please click here. If you would like to donate equipment, click here, or to simply find out more, click here.  


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