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Nium Partners with Cricket Builds Hope to Empower Women in Rwanda

Nium is proud to co-sponsor the “Women’s Empowerment Program,” in partnership with FIS Global, with a joint donation to the Cricket Builds Hope foundation.

Cricket Builds Hope’s unique program, designed to incorporate cricket as a tool for social change, empowers low-income young women in Rwanda to unlock their leadership potential through workshops that focus on equality and inclusion while also leaving a positive impact at a community level.

Nium is working with Cricket Builds Hope to use cricket, and the spirit of the game, as an avenue to develop the foundations for employability, improved digital inclusion, and breaking down societal barriers for females in sports. Nium’s support focuses on helping women build the confidence to succeed both in cricket and their careers to uplift the Rwandan community for a brighter future.

Leveraging its ties with the Rwanda Cricket Association (RCA), the Women’s Empowerment Program provides classes and mentoring to create training opportunities for young women. Examples of ongoing projects include the local community club at Gahanga, which is planned to be supported by the RCA to grow teamwork, leadership, and communication skills through hands-on experience.

The program will enroll an estimated 200 women across a 12-month period, with Nium’s sponsorship helping:

  1. Enable marginalized women to gain the skills and training to pursue financial independence by getting jobs, meanwhile finding their professional capabilities in a traditionally male-dominated society.
  2. Facilitate free cricket camps as an enabler to promote and build a passion for the sport, meanwhile providing essential skills such as learning English.

How Nium Uses Cricket as a Platform for Building Gender Equality

As the official Fintech Infrastructure Partners of the International Cricket Council, Nium is pleased to be an active voice driving transformation in the ecosystem. Using cricket as a platform, Nium has hosted dialogues, supported campaigns, and put the spotlight on women in the sport, rewriting narratives to now include more female representation on and off the cricket field.

The work continues after the sponsorship of the Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 in South Africa. A new Nium leadership series–Women in Technology–celebrates the women behind the scenes who bring the game to life on billions of screens worldwide. Other initiatives promoting women empowerment and equality include the Women Leaders at Nium and the Voices in Fintech series on how to set new standards of inclusivity. Internally, Nium has also established an international affinity group, [email protected], to facilitate interaction and organize activities that support a sustained conversation about women and leadership with a long-term view.

“Nium is committed to making a global impact beyond fintech, especially when it comes to promoting inclusive mindsets and strategies.
Through pairing sports and technology, we’re proactively finding new ways to support the “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality,” the United Nations Women’s Day theme for 2023, which sets the stage for global enablement of marginalized communities and female representation in leadership and sport.”

India Stone, Head of Internal Communications and Employer Brand at Nium

Nium is excited to play a part in raising a new generation of talented Rwandan women professionals, making a mark in their chosen careers and the sport of cricket. This is only the beginning of the growth of women as empowered community leaders. We look forward to being a part of a memorable journey as the Women’s Empowerment Program creates a more inclusive world for all.

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