Nium Partners With Cricket Builds Hope To Empower Women in Rwanda

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This initiative supports Nium’s belief that there is power in harnessing sport as a vehicle for positive social change, equality, empowerment, and community.

RWANDA – August 8th, 2023 – Nium, the leader in global real-time payments, is honoured to again collaborate with Cricket Builds Hope, as part of Nium Cares, its Corporate Social Responsibility program. The initiative will support young and disadvantaged women in the Gahanga sector of Kigali, Rwanda. 

In an extensive 12-month program, Nium, Cricket Builds Hope, and several local Non-Governmental Organisations will sponsor a series of educational workshops on sexual and reproductive health, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and goal setting. The core purpose is to cultivate knowledge and foster a deeper understanding of learned life skills to set marginalised Rwandan women up for success. This includes bolstering self-confidence, developing a sense of agency and independence, sexual health awareness, and an improved ability to set up small businesses or enter employment, while managing finances to combat poverty levels.  

Cricket Builds Hope is delighted to relaunch its award-winning programme that provides marginalised women with access to cricket while empowering them through leadership workshops and the provision of tools and opportunities for increased financial security,” said Will Hammond, Director, Cricket Builds Hope. “With its support for cricket across the globe and commitment to improving lives, Nium is the perfect partner for us, and we look forward to working with them to truly change lives through the power of sport.” 

In the spirit of all things cricket, this program will be hosted at the Gahanga Cricket Stadium and the women will be invited to take a break, stimulate their creativity, and have some fun in a series of friendly cricket sessions. In combination, monthly alumni events will be hosted, alongside opportunities for future cricket play and coaching. Seed funding and savings groups will also be created for the participants, using cricket as the channel for generating conversation and potential future business endeavours. 

Jeremiah Glodoveza, SVP and Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Nium says, “It is important to us to invest in programs where we can give back to communities. This partnership with Cricket Builds Hope enables us to contribute to financial literacy, alongside other vital social education pieces, in a way that is long-term and sustainable. We are proud to collaborate, once again, with Cricket Builds Hope.  


About Cricket Builds Hope 

Cricket Builds Hope uses cricket for social development in Rwanda. Cricket arrived in Rwanda following the end of the 1994 genocide, with thousands of Rwandans returning from neighbouring countries having learned the game there. With very limited resources in the country, Cricket Builds Hope was set up to provide infrastructure and a home for the game, eventually culminating in the opening of the iconic ‘Gahanga Cricket Stadium’.  

Today, cricket is one of Rwanda’s fastest growing sports, and the Gahanga Cricket Stadium acts as a hub where Cricket Builds Hope delivers programmes that use the power of sport to promote equality, cohesion, and empowerment. These programs combine cricket with, for example, health messaging or social and economic empowerment workshops for women. Elsewhere Cricket Builds Hope supports outreach into remoter rural communities to provide access to the game and its multiple benefits.  


About Nium 

Nium was founded on the mission to build the global payments infrastructure of tomorrow, today. With the onset of the on-demand economy, its single platform for global payments and card issuing is shaping how banks, fintechs, and businesses everywhere to disburse and collect funds instantly across borders. Its payout network supports 100 currencies and spans 190+ countries, 100 of which are in real-time. Funds can be disbursed to accounts, wallets, and cards and collected locally in 35 markets. Nium’s growing card issuance business is already available in 34 countries. Nium holds regulatory licences and authorizations in more than 40 countries, enabling seamless onboarding, rapid integration, and compliance – independent of geography. The company is co-headquartered in San Francisco and Singapore, with regional offices in over 20+ major cities. 

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