Simplify Payment Operations, Reduce Cost, Maximise Margins

Grow your business, we’ll take care of the rest. We take care of the day to day complexity of cross-border payments, so you can focus on your customers.

Payment experience is as important as the travel experience.

Our payment, collection, and cards capabilities offer easy ways to turn payment expenses into profits:

  • Eliminate hidden costs
  • Flexible and scalable alternative to banks
  • Expand your network of suppliers quickly, with less risk and less cost
  • Turn international payments into local payments and revenue opportunities with Receive
  • Expansive network that includes 90 countries
  • 24/7 payment processing in real-time
  • Award-winning cross-border technology
  • Bank-grade security with end-to-end encryption
Payment experience

Benefits of NIUM

Reduce Costs

Boost Revenue

Improve Customer Experience


  • Eliminate the hidden costs of traditional payment methods: surcharges, FX fees and currency fluctuations
  • Offer local funding and settlement options with Receive to reduce or avoid cross-border fees
  • Take control of FX with flexible timing and rates in our Open Money Account
  • Virtual cards help prevent fraud with transaction-level controls built on Visa and Mastercard’s trusted platforms
  • Immediate authorisation, fast settlement, and protection through the credit payment scheme
  • Expand into new markets without complex banking and payment setups
  • Eliminate FX fluctuations for you and your customers with flexible send and receive multi-currency wallets
  • Reduce cart abandonment by offering flexible local currency options
  • Increase liquidity by funding supplier payments with credit, even if the supplier only accepts bank transfers
  • Create a new revenue opportunity with an FX travel card for your customers, saving them time and fees
  • Provide a seamless, frictionless customer experience with more payment choices
  • Empower your users throughout the globe by making it easy to send and receive in their local currency
  • Increase transaction speed and transparency
  • Take control of the disbursement process and keep customers and suppliers engaged
  • Get up and running in weeks
  • Expand your network without expanding operations
  • Pay international suppliers and receive local customer payments without multiple complex banking relationships
  • Easily automate your global reconciliation
  • Reduce payment processing time and cost
  • Settle incoming payments by card to reduce receivables cycles

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